God and the church's view on promiscuity problems

I’ve never really been a promiscuous person and what sex I’ve had never “flipped me out” so why does God not want us to have a lot of sex? I have read too much sex effects your heart. Well as far as I’m concerned I/we don’t know more than God so if God says marry and not be promiscuous there’s a good reason for it and he knows best. We are between becoming higher spiritual beings and animal lusts to procreate as much as possible. Does the church say having to much sex can be deadly to the soul and/or body? What about within marriage?


I don’t think the Church has any position on the frequency of sex with one’s spouse. However, it does posit the immorality of sexual relations outside the context of marriage. And that’s not just a 2,000 year old precept, it’s a continuation from the moral precepts of the old testament!

Yes and cheating is wrong too! Look at David’s judgment for having a woman’s husband killed. The baby died.

Anything can be sinful if over-indulged and becomes an “idol” above God. But Jim is right, there’s no rule on “frequency.”

As far as sex and the heart, sex is a good form of exercise if you will, and unless you have a heart condition I don’t think there is any problem with frequency either.

You’re correct, there is no “rule,” but the Catechism does say that spouses should know “how to keep themselves within the limits of just moderation.” (#2362) So there is a guideline but not a definition of what “just moderation” is.

You have a point there. I have read though you are at a heightened risk of heart attack up to two hours after sex. But as you say that might be persons with high risk factors otherwise.

I know there are some teachings concerning times and timing as to sex. Not during menses if I am correct. All sex must end in intercourse. No contraceptives other than family planning. And probably more. I am not married and therefore celibate so I’ve never went through pre cana I believe it’s called.

No teaching on sex during menses, although it may have been forbidden by (changeable) canon in the past as was sex during Lent.

Then again, there’d be a certain ‘ick’ factor that would (and still does) put a lot of people off sex during menses anyways.

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