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Since God lives outside of our concept of time (He is in past, present, and future) when we die we go to be with Him in heaven, will my relatives that are still here on Earth the moment I die be in heaven/purgatory/hell when I get there? I ask since there is no time in heaven and now I’m outside of time. time is a human construct. Another question, will I just go to the end of time and final judgement?


No one knows and no one should pretend to know.


Just my $.02. God is eternal, no past, no future. Therefore God can exist in only one moment in time, the eternal present moment. All existence is present to God in this given moment. As to how it will relate to us, I really don’t know. I like to think I’ll be able to experience every moment of my life here on earth, and every moment in his presence (God willing) to come. God’s time is a difficult concept to wrap the finite mind around.

Edited to add: I do think it is an important concept though. We can only live in God’s love, light, and law in this moment. We can’t say to Him, I’m going to do what I want, regardless of how You feel, but in a couple years, I’ll do things Your way. That doesn’t work. And the flip side is, if we embrace the sacrament of reconciliation, those sins of our past, are not present to God’s mind. We are forgiven and rate eternal life with him. One moment at a time.


My nephew asked grandma if there were telephones in heaven. She replied that she did not know. He then said, “well when you get there, call me and let me know!”


We might call the time beyond time Eternity. I suppose we might call living in such a dimension eternal life. So, perhaps your question might be rephrased this way, without stretching too far beyond what you’re asking:

When I get to Eternity, will I be omnipresent like God is omnipresent? In other words, will I become more like God?

I guess the answer to another question might help us answer that question:

Is God eternal because of where He lives or because of who He is?

But I must admit I don’t know ignorance that’s a profound question or an idiotic one! I only know I’m not sure what the answe is. :slight_smile:


I agree with this. Some passages of Revelation seem to indicate there is time in heaven, but it could be symbolism.


Hypothetical questions. It has to be yes to both according to that logic.


In heaven your existence will be reduced to a smiling face.

No…that can’t be right. let me try again.

In heaven, time will be a circle.

No, that just doesn’t feel right. let me try again.

In heaven time is literally transformed into a dove.

No…I’m sorry guys i just don’t know.


I feel inclined to say yes because the time in this universe will no-longer be relevant. But someone accused me of believing in the non-catholic idea of soul sleep when i presented that view.


The fact that we ask for the intercession of Mary, the Saints and angels suggests that they are aware of our journey in time.

When in communion, in Jesus Christ with the Triune Godhead, partaking of the Beatific Vision, we will have access to knowledge of all creation, the mysteries of all time and space through Him. This occurs as a result of a surrender of oneself to God, so it cannot fill our consciousness.

So, I would say both.

In the resurrection, we will exist as we are meant to be, in physical form, but this will be a new world. Time here is a journey, and its past-present-future quality is a reflection of our spirit with its free will, setting what we do in stone, within eternity as we act in the present, growing towards a future along the Way that is Jesus Christ. We will be who we are, doing what we do, learning through the challenges we face, I would imagine, as we tend to God’s garden universe.


It might be necessary to distinguish dimensional time (per Einstein) from collinear time, which is related to entropy.



time; ain’t no friend of mine

time is a human conception

in the eternal wheres GOD realms; there is no “time”


I would say that only God transcends time. If a person, or an angel, went into the eternity that transcends time then they would have to always be there. It would have to be true that they always were there. I would say that we will exist on this timeline or some other timeline. We may exist in dimensions of space with no timeline as some eternal moment. But God will always transcend our existence and we will not enter into that transcending existence.


That is a great answer Stash, thanks!


You asked: “Since God lives outside of our concept of time (He is in past, present, and future) when we die we go to be with Him in heaven, will my relatives that are still here on Earth the moment I die be in heaven/purgatory/hell when I get there?”

My response: When you die and to to heaven, your relatives that are still on earth will still be on earth.

Sorry, I dont know how to use the blockquote. :frowning: I wish to respond also to the rest of your post.

I remember you saying that when you go to heaven you will be outside of time. No, because you are only a creature. Your soul will not die, but you will not be eternal like God is. God has no past or future because to Him everything is present. In your case you will still have an infinitely long future ahead of you.

I remember you asking if you will go to the end of time. Yes, you will go the end of the world. You see, when you die only your body dies, but your soul survives without the body. But at the end of the world, your soul will reunite with the body and rise again. This is why in the “I believe” we also say we believe in the resurrection of the dead.


Time is physical.

The “soul” has no time on its own. Time is the result of the mind embedding in the solid body, which has mass and therefore time, and is perceived collinearly because of the entropy that cooks off inside our bodies and heads.

So you’d not have time between body and body, but would pass from life to life.

While it is true that you would never experience the eternity of God in the same sense that God does, you would still, in your spiritual body, have however limitedly an access to it.



Good point.


A small note.

Purgatory, by definition, is bound by time. It will pass at the final judgment.

Heaven and hell may be the same. Or different.

If heaven is eternal, everyone enters it at the same time. So any family on earth who enter heaven, enter it at the same time as you, by heaven’s lack of time. Though at a different time according to those on earth’s time.


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