God answers prayers


On Monday, I handed in my documents for the marriage tribunal to annul my previous marriage. I sat in my car afterward, and prayed for the Tribunal to take no longer than I could handle. I hoped for three months.

An hour or so ago, our Deacon called me. He was very excited, and told me that my annulment was approved in a record-breaking 3 DAYS.

Please join me in a prayer of thanksgiving to Our Lord, who loved me and shows me nothing but His mercy and goodness, even when I turned away from Him.




Wonderful!! I'm happy for you and it is great when God answers our prayers (and says "yes"). Because, we have to remember, that sometimes he says "no" or "not right now" or "are you kidding me??" or "maybe later," etc.


This is so true. God is wonderful, but always knows what he’s doing… Even when we may think he’s crazy!


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