God as a Comforter: Rejoicing in Sadness


Hi all, this is my first post.

When I pray and give my burdens to Jesus, especially when I feel sad, angry, or envious - there’s this comforting feeling happening all over my body - like a peace that the world cannot give. I can’t explain it accurately but it seems like good hormones are surging throughout your nervous system. Like a ticklish, vibrating, electric-like buzz that fills the recesses of the soul. Although I should not rely on my faith in those feelings, it gives me great consolation that He is there with me in my battles. I am diagnosed with bipolar (manic-depression) recently (2017) due to a childhood trauma.

I felt this around 9 or 10 years old - when the trauma happened, but just once. It was when I decided to follow Jesus and carry my cross that I started to feel these. I’m 21 now.

I haven’t found people that I know of with this kind of feeling. It makes me think that it’s maybe due to my meds or just my disorder.

Being euphoric in the midst of sadness? Could this be a variant of what St. Paul said in Colossians? What are your thoughts?


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