God as a parent

God the Father is a parent.
He is my Father.
He is my parent.
He is a good Father.
He loves me.
I am His child.
I am a part of a family of God.
He knows me by name.
I am special to him.
He meets all of my needs- body, soul, spirit.
He watches over me and cares for every area of my life.
He loves to communicate with me.
His love letter, the Bible, was written for me.
My Father wants me to prosper in all areas of my life and to be in health.
He has prepared a place for me in heaven to live with him forever when I pass from this earth.
My Father desires to always give me good gifts because he loves me and I am part of His family.

God recognizes all my weaknesses.
I can*t not my Father as He knows me.
He is interested in every detail of my life.
Even my unspoken thoughts and motives lie to my holy Father.
Nothing I do surprices my Father.
He who made me knows me inside and out.
He is always with me.
He leads me in His way.
I shall be transformed into His likeness.
He provides even the most basic of my needs.
In times of trouble , we can run to Him for comfort.
When we are in need of Him we know we can run into His arms in prayer.
The way we live, the things we do, the emotions we feel, are all the result of what we think and believe about God.
I am not orphan, I am not alone, I belong to a spiritual family. Not only that I have a Father
I am blessed with brothers and sisters as well, who love me and in return I love them.
I am not a vagabond, without any order or direction
I have a home and I am under authority.

Marica, you write very beautiful poetry.

Very beautiful.

May God continue to bless you.

I am not indigent, I am not pauper, my Father is wealthy beyond measure.
I am forgiven, I am accepted. When I do wrong, I have a Father who will correct me,
He will not punish me for my sins.
I fear no evil.I am protected.
I am successful,God want that I know Him.
Do you have some thoughts about our God the Father dear brothers and sisters?


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