God as portrayed by "comedians"

I am referring to the Christian God of course. It seems that comedy now is less about telling general, family friendly jokes than it is a source of propaganda. I use the word propaganda because even though some of the words are different among the different comedians, the meaning and intent is the same, God is bad. Or at least the God of the Old Testament. He’s portrayed as being like a human being as opposed to God.

What is not being said is that God was doing everything He could to bring mankind back to Him. He sent Moses and the prophets who spoke to the people and instructed them. He established a covenant with Abraham after telling Abraham to sacrifice his son. God warned those places that He was about to destroy, and when the people repented, God held back His wrath. When they did not, He sent His righteous judgement against them. And still men turned away and carried on with their own lusts.

As Christians, we are called to be holy. Now, God is mocked and even His son, Jesus Christ.

God bless,

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