God before time?

I think this is the place to post this…anyway, the Bible of course says how God was there before time and made the world and all.

But is there anything besides the Bible that tells/shows this? Anything historical or something? Reason why I’m asking is because a friend of mine was arguing with a friend of his, saying the Greek gods came before Buddha. But naturally I said that God came before everything, but I wonder if there’s anything besides the Bible that shows this?


The whole argument seems very silly to me. The Greek gods are not real so they couldn’t have come before anything unless your talking about the idea of them, but you can’t really compare. Buddha was just a man who lived along time ago. I am not sure if it’s known exactly when Buddha lived but I could be wrong. Indian history is sort of ambiguous because not much is known about it. It is a far older civilization than most people realize. Hindhuism is where Buddhism stems from and tha religion is even much older and is a blending of two even older religions. An ancient Indian religion and the religion of the arian tribes that conquered India in far ancient times. Of course God came first because God created all things. Asking for historical proof of God’s existence before time is a foolish question because no people existed before time. If you mean some historical proof of when people knew of God than we only have the bible and Jewish tradition. God revealed himself to the first man and woman and than to Abraham and his descendants so that is all we have.

It’s a definition thing. We believe God is the creator of all, and time is part of creation, so obviously God existed “before” time (except that outside of time there can’t be a “before”).

Buddhism and Hinduism don’t have the same concept of creation (or time, for that matter) so the argument doesn’t work the same way.

The Buddha is believed by most scholars to have lived around the fifth century BCE.

Not to mention that time itself is ambiguous. I mean you are talking about something that only exists because we define it. Time is not real in the sense that we understand it. We measure time by the sun but every planet has a different rotation and distance from the sun and therefore time is only relative to us as we experience it. If we were to live on another planet, time would be different.


Thank you :smiley:

No, there’s nothing historical before time. By definition.

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