God better have an amazing purpose for me


I just found out that another transplant friend of mine has passed away!!! She was transplanted 5 days after me and was re-transplanted in 2003. I knew she was having problems but I never saw it coming. :eek:

WHY are my friends (both online and ones I’ve known in person) being taken away from me?? A few hours ago I got a call back from my transplant center. Wanna know what they said? My blood work was good and everything looks perfect!!! I go back in November for my yearly check-up. :shrug:

WHY am I still doing so well so many years out and everyone else seems to loose their battles??? :sad_bye:


Because you have important work to finish and lessons yet to learn on this earth; and all of it is very important indeed. It may not look particularly important…but it is, all of it is very important.

Life is not a battlefield… life is a school!
When people finish all their work, all their lessons, they get to graduate and go home. It’s really the most beautiful wonderful thing. Sigh. If you ever get close enough to dying, you’ll see for yourself… God IS. If you’ve not finished all your work yet, you just don’t get to go yet… and that’s something you’ll remember, and miss, all the rest of your days… and that’s hard sometimes…
but then you see all the work left to be done… and you thank God
for the opportunity to be able to make a difference…


The problem I have with this is that it seems to imply that God only kills those who have learned all their lessons, and if that’s true there would be nobody in Hell.


I'm so sorry Kimothy! :hug: I wish I had some advice, but I don't. I've lost people in my life, and I wonder why I'm still here as well.


This is a question you need to take to God in prayer; ask Him why He wants you to live.


Don’t feel guilty over this. Many survivors do. Holocaust survivors were famously haunted by their dead families.

You are very fortunate. That is all. If you still feel bothered by this, I suggest you get some counseling. “Survivor guilt” is very common.


How on earth do you figure that? Those who have learned all their lessons (all the lessons God gave them free will and a sufficient lifetime to choose and study!) on the subject of building hells for themselves, certainly do get the opportunity to be among their like-minded friends amid their handiwork.



Well, people don’t all live the same length of time. What if you live 99 years and somebody else lives 20 years? And those 20 years are spent on the streets, trying to survive, where you’re killed in a gang fight? But the 99 year old grew up in a Catholic family and died in bed surrounded by a Priest and family after receiving Reconciliation and Annointing of the Sick?

It seems to me like the 99 year old had much more time to learn life lessons. It doesn’t seem fair that one person can get 79 more years to figure out the mysteries of life.

But if everybody learned all their lessons, wouldn’t we all go to Heaven?


Remeber that luck plays a huge role in life. People don’t want to admit that, but it does.


I don’t have a learned response except that we have to just trust in the Lord and keep faith.

We may not know our purpose or reason for staying here until the Next Life.

But I can reassure you that we all have a purpose here and I’m trying to find mine too— I ask God that quite often as a matter of fact. One of them may be for raising my son, leading others to the Faith or a return to it…may be just with a smile to an overstressed employee at a business somewhere, it may make a big difference in that person’s life.

Hope your friends who have passed on are enjoying Heaven right now.


If is important for your soul to know, pray about this and God will let you know, if you seek to please God in your life.
I greatly appreciate the Divine Mercy words, Jesus I trust in you. Whether we live on or are dying, we should trust in God. What we should best do is abandon ourselves to God’s will, even if we do not understand it now or even as long as we live.
God may have an amazing purpose for you and that would be wonderful if you serve God extraordinarily. I have thought that of myself sometimes, but I have begun to realize that my purpose may well to be to serve God in humility in some way that seems trivial to myself right now and to other people as well. What may be truely extraordinary is to live with God when we die, live with him simply because we followed God’s will now in some simple way.


God’s plans can be very mysterious–

I remember a dream I had the night before or right after my Mom’s funeral.

We were moving a tree at the house we had grown up in to the side of the house. Out of nowhere, my mother walks up and says simply and with a serene smile on her face “My work here is finished.”

Also, I remember having a dream about my grandparents right after they passed as well. I was so glad to see my grandpa especially because he suffered with a lot of pain due to an old injury from his teenage years. He had the most beautiful smile too and said “I don’t feel pain anymore.”

Some have long times here on Earth, others don’t. I trust in the Lord, though I don’t know why that is.

But we all can pray for the grace of a happy death, at least one where a priest can administer the Last Rites and give Absolution for all sin on the soul.


Time is pretty much irrelevant when one talks about God and immortal souls. Christ mentioned this issue in the parable in which the field hands all work for the landlord for different amounts of time under separate contracts… that the service contract was with the landlord, not the other field workers.
Everybody exerts free will in choosing which lessons to study…it is vitally important to choose wisely!


The Catechism of the Catholic Church very clearly teaches that all lives are guided… and that life isn’t about luck at all.


Well, to answer my own question, I wonder if such (such as my fictional 20 year old gang member) people are put into less fortunate circumstances because God thinks they can handle it. Everybody is given exactly what they could handle and no more or less. So people put in rotten circumstances are there only because God knows that even then they’re capable of chosing God, while my fictional 99 year old may not be.


[quote="former_Catholic, post:14, topic:198864"]
The Catechism of the Catholic Church very clearly teaches that all lives are guided... and that life isn't about luck at all.


Ah, but some things are or at least seem to be the result of chance.


Dear Kimothy,

I am so sorry for your lost and unfortunately, I don’t have any answers as to why you are still here. But you can be sure, if you are still here yes God DOES have an amazing purpose for you.



According to the official Catechism of the Catholic Church, such inconsequential trivialities as might seem to be the result of chance would never in any way include the continued survival and reasons for survival of any human being, and least of all a fellow Catholic individual.


Your fictional gang member isn’t fictional…
but a former gang member who works with kids on the hard side of L.A. and he is successful teaching them to build a better life for themselves because he can talk to them and they trust him… because he understands exactly where they are coming from…
because he himself has been there.


Luck plays a role in life. Perhaps your misreading it, or maybe we view the word in different way. Regardless, I think that luck plays a role in life, and maybe you don’t. This isn’t an issue where we can convince the other of being wrong.

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