God Bless Everyone here!


Just a thread stating that I hope everyone has a great weekend, and God bless each and everyone here!

Catholic Answers is such a wonder forum, with amazing people.

God Bless you, God Bless You, GOD BLESS YOU!!



THANK YOU! And you have a great weekend too! :smiley:

I love this website!

God bless you!


Thank you! Enjoy yours as well.


Aww, God bless you too!! I feel the same way… coming to CAF a bit each day was part of what God used to help bring me back :heaven: Now every bit of beauty in life and in His creation is pointed out to me like my guardian angel is tapping me on the shoulder and pointing. It’s so wonderful :):slight_smile:


Ditto! May the Lord bless you and keep you :thumbsup:

He is amazing beyond words can say isn’t He? :wink:


God is awesome, indeed. Thanks for posting a nice, uplifting thread, here RK! :slight_smile:


GOD BLESS YOU, TOO ya little Rascal, lol…, I concur and share in your spiritual high! Hope you are still thinking about law school, and everything is still going swimmingly for you, your online audience is always here.



Thank you, what a nice thread!


Rascal, you’re giving everyone warm fuzzies with this thread!

:grouphug: group hug, everyone…

Bless you Rascalking


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