God blessed me today

God blessed me today with life. I am beyond happy! I fell to my knees crying and prayed. This will be our first child. Please pray for us and for me that I won’t be a worry wart and stress myself out over this pregnancy. God bless!

Congrats!!! :smiley:

I’m so happy for you and your family! Babies are such a joy, mine is going to be 4 years old next month. I didn’t like being pregnant much but some women are better at handling that then others. Prayers are with you for a healthy pregnancy and full term healthy baby.:slight_smile:

This is wonderful!
God bless you and your baby with health, peace, and joy!

Congrats Honey!!! :extrahappy::love:

Wow congratulations! Prayers coming your way.:slight_smile:

Worrywart? Your worry won’t stop at the birth of your child. Your worry will be life long, and no mother would have it any other way. What joy for you and your spouse! I will pray that your pregnancy will be peaceful and remember to pray always to Our Lady. She has been there!
Don’t be tempted by any offer of an amniocentesis as these can sometimes endanger your child. God bless your continued happiness.

Congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulations, dear. Prayers going up for you and your baby.

God bless you. Praying for you to have a safe pregnancy & delivery & healthy baby.

Congrats. Good for you. Hope things are well. God bless:thumbsup:

Very happy to read of your good news! Wishing you well, and saying a prayer!

Thanks y’all! I’m super excited. The first thing I thought about is scheduling my baby’s baptism lol

And please do pray for me…for us. I’m really counting on your prayers through this… I sincerely
mean that.

I sometimes wonder if people really take the time to
pray when they say they will. I don’t doubt people on this forum, but on other social
media sites. like Facebook. People throw that around a lot “I’ll be praying for you!” But do they really? I know I use to say it and not mean it.

HoneyBea…when I tell someone I will pray for them I stop playing on the computer, close my eyes, and do it immediately…then I know I’ve kept my word to them!


For myself, if I say it, then I definitely mean it! :smiley: I always take the time after my daily rosary (or 2) ) everyday, to pray for individuals whom I promised, or said I would pray for.

In another thread of yours a while back, I remember saying that I would pray for u, so I guess I’ll just continue to do so! :slight_smile:

God bless! ^.^

Awesome! Thank you . I do the same thing. I either immediately pray or pray when I recite the rosary. This topic leads me to another question but I will start a new thread for that.

Praying for you all in return as well. God bless!

Phenomenal!!! Wishing your family every blessing as two become three!

I congratulate you on the good news!
I will pray for you! I am confident I will
keep my word, because I say it before
God! HE will remind me to pray for you!

As I was parking my car at the hopsital today getting ready for my blood work to confirm my pregnancy I noticed the car next to me had a crucifix hanging on it’s rear view mirror and I thought to myself " oh how nice I parked next to a Catholic". Then as I started getting out …I saw my priest walking over to the car…it was his car I parked next to. He had a huge smile and I said "hello father! He asked me how I was and I said “I’m great I’m so wonderful!”…I wanted so badly to tell him the good news…and he kept smiling broadly and he said “it’s a glorious day isn’t it?” And I said “it sure is!” I almost felt like he knew my secret lol

Anyways I’m taking this as a little sign from God that God is smiling Down big on me and this beautiful baby he has given me. I think God is happy for me!

Congratulations on the pregnancy :smiley: I will be keeping you and your child in my prayers. That is interesting you would park right next to a priest lol maybe it means something?

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