God bringing good out of sin?

how to understand this?

for example, a woman having an abortion, being so traumatized by the experience that she becomes prolife and convices many to not have them and all of them convert to catholicism

or your parents divorcing and marrying again and you being conceived in that second invalid marriage, or adulterous union

a child conceived by rape

infertility treatments to conceive a child or “test tube” babie[RIGHT]s[/RIGHT]

god does bring positive results out to this, but wouldn’t it have been better if the sins weren’t committed in the first place? but then if they weren’t, those particular people wouldn’t exist. thoughts?

Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more.

Of course, it’s never good that a sin is committed. But we have free will; if we didn’t, there’d be no point to salvation.

So since we do sin, God can still bring good out of it.

The greatest good possible (the salvation of souls to the glory of God) came about through the greatest evil possible (the Crucifixion of Christ). Would it have been better for evil to never have entered the world? Not necessarily. Had Adam and Eve never fallen we might never have been joined to God in the much greater union of the Church through the Passion, which is why the Church Fathers never tired of calling that first sin a felix culpa a “Happy Fault.” It’s impossible to guess about what would have happened or not whether this or that sin wouldn’t have occurred, but we can rejoice that our God can bring great good out of the worst of evils.

Sin is always opposed to Gods will. And yet He values man’s freedom enough to allow us to do that very thing: oppose His very will, that is. He values it because the same freedom that allows us to freely sin, to rebel against His goodness and justice, also allows us to embrace those things, to freely align ourselves with His will, to choose to love, to put it another way. Here, on this earth, we have the opportunity to experience, to know, both good-which is inherent in God’s creation- and the evil which results from man’s abuse of his free will.

Having said that, the Catechism teaches that evil will always remain a mystery, but one that can only be understood in the light of the gospel, where God, Himself, became as one of us, suffering evil at the hands if His own creation, loving and forgiving all the while, for our sake.

can we say then, that the original sin was part of God’s plan? i mean he did know it would happen, didn’t he?

Knowing that it would occur, He incorporated it, so to speak, planning to bring an even greater good out of its evil.

What kept my belief in God going after my experiences being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness is seeing repeatedly good coming out of sin. Perhaps this isn’t how you meant it, but every time there is an act of evil, in response there are acts of good. Terrorists attack the World Trade Center committing horrendous acts of murder, yet that evil compelled others to act out of love for fellow man. Rescue workers in acts of self sacrifice, gave up their lives for fellow mankind. Outpourings of love and generosity from across the globe for victims.

A disturbed young man enters an elementary school killing dozens of kids and a teacher gives up her life to protect her students.

Every time there is an act of evil, there is a response of good. Evil never is able to stamp out good, instead it stirs good into action.

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