God Can Not Know The Future


For anyone to know with certainty, a particular event will happen in the future, is not possible. Since once known, that knowledge could be written down. And when later read, someone with the ability to change the lessor events leading up to the main event, could guarantee it didn’t happen as written. The best that could be stated about the future is that an infinite number of possibilities exist.

We have been taught that God knows everything that will happen in our futures. Even Jesus said the Father knows when the end will come. How could He possibly know the future based on the above logical reasoning? If He knows what is going to happen tomorrow, then He has a major limitation. He could not write it down for all to read today. To limit what God could write down seems wrong. Yet logic says He could not write down that something will happen, when that something could be prevented from happening.


God exists outside of time. To Him, all our choices and choices we could have made but did not all appear to Him instantly.


Because He is God.


Your argument here assumes that the one that does the “knowing” is also writing about it directly.

I see no reason at all to conclude this.

“That’s just a superficial demurral!!!” you may reply. But it’s not. You make a critical assumption in your presentation that’s just too easy to deny.

To quote one of my old professors, “Arguments are fragile”.


God is not explainable by human logic.


God is outside of time; he has to be, since being contained within time suggests that one is a created being, which God is not. As such, God isn’t limited to knowing facts just about a given present time and some things in the past, but is aware of everything, since He has an “outsider’s view”.

The very fact that God is outside of time also suggests that there isn’t really a concept of “future” to him, unless one were to specifically point out one moment in time to Him and ask, “What happened next?”

What we’re experiencing now- October 9, 2017 at about 10 AM EST for many- is the present for us, but no particular moment in time for God, who sees all of time at once, and is aware of futures that could have been, but ultimately didn’t occur.


How does your comment address the issue?

“If He knows what is going to happen tomorrow, then He has a major limitation. He could not write it down for all to read today.”


There is no “human logic” just pure scientific logic.


Whatever you call it, it’s still not going to explain God.


Come on, that is a 3rd grade answer.


And what is wrong with that. God can surely know and write at the same time.


Surely. But he doesn’t. Or, well… I don’t personally own a book written directly by God. But if you have an IBSN for a book authored by God’s own hand, I’ll be sure to check it out.


Let’s say you’re reading a book. You can read it front to back or skip through it. You’re outside the story and can have knowledge of future and personal events. Now let’s suppose you started your own book, the Book of Life, where you take the characters and begin helping them towards a better ending without trampling their free will. God is kinda like this. He knows the beginning and the end and he knows what would happen if he didn’t teach us. He is the ultimate benevolent author.


The problem many human beings struggle with is trying to compare the way God perceives time to our understanding of time. The future for each of us isn’t set in stone because we have free will. God knows our future for whatever path we are on. Think of it like this. If I step out side when the sun is up and I decide I am going to go east, regardless of where I go the sun will be in its posistion in the sky (of course pertaining to the time of day). But regardless I can feel it’s warm, it’s light no matter where I go. I can change directions or walk the same path. No matter what I do the sun is present. It exist above and outside of immediate area of influence yet it influences us heavily. The same can be said in regard towards how God exists outside of time. There’s no straight line. He perceives time from where He sits in heaven. Ultimately He always knows who is going to choose what because his omnipotent.

So He will see where our current choices are leading us. When we change our ways such as abandoning sin He can also see our future there and our future if we don’t listen to Him. He sees all possibilities and knows all possibilities. It is us who have created the concept of destiny in order for us to try and understand our own existence within time and our sphere of influence. Read St Thomas Aquinas. His perspective on the workings of the heavingly reals and human nature will amaze you!


Only God is the Great Uncreated. Everything else in existence has been created by Him from whom all existence comes.

This is why we can believe that only God can know all things, altogether, all at once. He lives independent of time and place. But we are dependent upon space and time, and dependent upon Him for life itself.


And how does this statement of yours in any way relate to the original post?

To keep it simple, if God knows the future, could He write it down? I say he could not.


But can He write down what He knows? Not possible.


“To keep it simple”—
Try not limiting God by the restrictions of mankind.
God has no limits, whereas mankind is endlessly limited.


Actually he can if he wanted to. But again that wouldn’t do us any good in growing in holiness towards him. He wrote the Ten Commandments. What matters is following God today and each and everyday. If you wish to limit God, you can’t. It may be you who struggles with their own limited perception.


Also to give you an idea here. It isn’t possible for God to write down what He knows for everyone and everything because we would be able to comprehend it or read within our life times. To ask Him to do that would be like telling you to fit a whale in 540ml can. The whale exists, the can exists. The size of one is greater than the other. God is greater than you, me, this world and your question. If you want to learn what God knows, I suggest coming to the Church, living a holy life and attaining heaven after death. Then you can ask Him everything you wish to know.

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