God Can Not Know The Future


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What is your evidence that God is “outside time”?


Why should he? To satisfy you?
Serves no purpose.
God is God.
Simple for those who believe.


No problem. I am too.


Kevin: “What is your evidence that God is ‘outside time’?”

Remember that the scientific method is limited to observing only the physical universe. It cannot be used to prove anything existing, or not, in the spiritual realm…
The fields of philosophy and theology are not governed by scientific methods and/or proofs.


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But god can see every possible decision that you may make,


I think we would say that time didn’t begin to exist until the universe began, wouldn’t you?


Could he write the future down???

That’s ONE purpose of a prophet, to write down


To say ANYTHING is beyond God, is just absurd. It is amazing to see God’s creatures, made from dirt, casting limitations on their Holy Creator. Wow, just wow.

But for HIS graces, we would still be living in caves.


We know God by what He did and does and will do for us, and by how He loves us, and by the whole host of evidence that exists, physically, mentally, emotionally, historically, spiritually and philisophically for those things.

We don’t NEED to know how He does what He does, or is what He is, any more than we need to know the exact process by which the money that bought us a generous and loving gift was created from paper.

There are some things that are simply bigger than our ability to fully understand as we are now. That’s okay. The how is much, much less important in this case than the Why.

If you can understand that, you’ll be closer to something that will never fail you or leave you behind, no matter how bad everything else may be.


That is right. Time, like space, is part of the framework of the physical universe, which exists by God’s will and according to his design. Loosely speaking, since God invented time, he can do whatever he likes with it.

Just as a side note, when speaking of things outside of time, we must be careful how we use words like until or before. What does “before time” or “until the universe began” mean? :hourglass:


God created the angels. He gives them a test and 1/3 fail. THEY being the ones we now call Satan and his demons. http://drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?q=rev+12%3A4&b=drb&t=0 .
Jesus said He saw Satan fall from heaven http://drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?q=lk+10%3A18&b=drb
Did God say oh shoot, now what?

When God created Adam and Eve, and they fell, did God say oh shoot, I wasn’t expecting THAT? Now what?

After the fall of A & E, The salvation of the human race , and those who would ever be saved, and those who won’t be saved, is already prefigured in
http://drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?q=Gen+3%3A15&b=drb&t=0 This is Mary (the woman) and her seed (Jesus) God incarnate.

All this was known by God from beginning to end, before it all happened. He knows every person who will ever live. They (those who are saved) are in the book of life http://drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?q=Rev+17%3A8&b=drb&t=0 known before He even created the world…


As others have mentioned in their replies to you: it’s necessary to describe the proposition fully. Is the “anyone” you’re talking about ‘human’ or ‘divine’? Does he exist within the universe or outside of space-time? The answer you receive depends completely on these considerations…

Can He? Yes. Must He? No.

The fact that God doesn’t disclose events in our future doesn’t mean He’s incapable of doing so. :wink:

Well, to be fair… it is a 3rd grade question, after all. :wink:


Sure he can: “Truly, I say yo you, this very night, before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.”

Matt 26:34

“And immediately the cock crowed. And Peter remembered the saying of Jesus, ‘Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.’ And he went out and wept bitterly.”

Matt 26:74-75

Clearly God knows the future, announces it, and it comes to pass.


“Things do not happen because God had foreseen them. God foresees things because they will happen.”

  • Boethius on God’s Providence in The Consolation of Philosophy

We will make decisions in the future, and they will become a present, then past, reality to us. Therefore, if God is the Truth and exists outside of time and space, He must foresee what reality holds. His foresight does not cause our actions, but our actions cause His foresight.


No one has addressed the above qualifier. The “someone,” seems to me, is a time traveller? If the time traveller can change events, then the hypothesis is true. But of course, we don’t believe in time travellers.


Jeremiah 1:5 says he can. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Jeremiah+1%3A5&version=RSVCE

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