God Can Not Know The Future


Yes, but God would not state what would be different that what he knows you will decide.


If God of Christianity knows everything including future then He could reveal it to us.

What you said doesn’t make any sense. Do you know my objection?

How I could be sure that the person I might be meeting in future is God if I don’t challenge His knowledge?

I am not against God. I just want to make sure that the person who claim to be God is really God.


Well, then you agree that I can make a paradox. Is that illogical? If yes, then we have to trace back to find the source of the problem which is God’s knowledge.


I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Could you please rephrase it?


Your entire argument fell flat on its face before you even finished typing the title of the OP.

As soon as you wrote “can not” after the word God you introduced a fatal flaw into your argument. Can not does not compute with Omnipotence.


God will only say what He knows will actually occur and you would not be able to make it different. Note that St. Peter was told he would deny Christ three times and St. Peter denied it, but then he did it.


No… you can attempt a paradox. However, you cannot succeed.


If he really is God, you have no chance of challenging his knowledge, as you would likely have no chance of even challenging the knowledge of, say, a fallen angel bent on deceiving you. Therefore, don’t put so much faith in your abilities or your knowledge.

That is why faith is required.


Sounds like you think God can make a square circle. God cannot make a square circle. His Omnipotence only extends to non - contradictory things. He also cannot find three counting numbers that satisfy this equation:

x^3 + Y^3 = z^3


I believe he could make a square circle.

I also believe he could make a rock so heavy he cannot lift - simply create a giant rock that Jesus in his humanity cannot lift.

I believe God has the power to make 2+2 = 5 if he wanted to


The humanity of Jesus? Yes there are limitations. But to say God could create something He could not lift? Impossible.

God has infinite lifting ability. He cannot contradict this by creating a rock that has infinite plus 1 strength.


There were rocks that were too heavy for Jesus to lift.
God created those rocks.
Jesus is God.

Therefore God can create a rock so heavy he cannot lift it


It’s God Almighty. He is outside of our simple minds and our silly logic. He gives us His word and the Church so we can learn about him and that we may live like a saint.


Rocks that were too heavy for any human beings? Sure. Heck, I have trouble lifting 50lb dumbbells over my head.

But nothing is too heavy for the divine nature of God.

God cannot create something that is infinite or more than infinite.

If there was a rock so heavy that God could not lift it, then God would not be infinite because He would have a limitation (i.e. not being able to lift a rock) and thus rendering Him not infinte but merely finite.


God wouldn’t tell you that you’re going to do something that He knows you’re not going to do.

In other words, it’s impossible for you to ‘trick’ God into telling you that you’re going to do something that you will not do. He sees what you actually ‘will’ do (and He knows that your will is to ‘trick’ Him.)


We exist in time as a journey, a becoming. Our lives, with what we are given and choose to do from beginning to end, exist eternally in the mind of God.

God is the eternal Ground of all Being. He brings into existence all time and all space. Doing so, He is outside His creation. In the same instance, He also reaches into it through the Holy Spirit, as loving Father and in Jesus Christ who became one of us.

Unchanging as the Source of all there is and encompassing everything that is in every time, He in eternity knows all. There can only be one reality. If for His reasons, He told us of the future and not of possibilities as He does when speaking to Cain, encouraging him away from sin, it would happen, because He right there bringing the event into existence, permitting it to happen in accordance with His omnipotence and omniscience.


Then I will not be free.

Well, I don’t think if he was persisting to prove that he has free will.


Well, apparently I succeed.


I think I can challenge God’s foreknowledge. That is subject of this discussion.

Well, we keep faith for unseen. We should test a person who claim that He is God.


Yes, that is what I posted before, “That statement is an assumption. Free will does not mean that every choice is possible for a person.”

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