God created all time and space. Does He have a set time for everything?


God created all time and space. Does He have a set time for everything? And if He does, wouldn’t this contradict free will?

Best if you have a source such as the CCC. Thanks.


Here is my perspective on this and it allows for free will along with his perspective of time and events being viewed on his end, not in a linear fashion as you and I view it, but from a static one.

We’ll take a piece of string, this represents time itself, it has a beginning and an end. We’ll lay it out and leave it out in the elements, it’s color fades, it gets wet in some areas collecting residue from being exposed to the elements, after a while, that piece of string is dotted with different colors due to this, these colors represent the events that have unfolded, ie. our free will as well as the natural events that have happened over time. We decide that part of it is being overly exposed, it’s tainted to the point where it looks like it’s going to discinegrate, so we intervene and place that section under cover, ie. our intervention would represent God’s grace and his own personal intervention knowing full well, in his wisdom that if he does nothing, the string will decay to the point of obscurity.

Placing this into our reality, this is where you have to simply have faith that God does have a plan, but we are not capable of understanding it because it’s based upon knowledge and reasoning outside of the time line and what we perceive as reality itself. We’ll take a painting for example, the artists begins with a canvas and some paint and an idea of what he want’s to create with it. The artist himself may only have a rough idea of what the final result will be, and as each brush stroke is applied, it’s being created into something unique and original, something based upon the artists free will, this represents our lives, we are still in the process of painting our canvas, for God himself is the only one that knows the end result and again, because he’s not limited to linear time as we are. Our free will is in place here, just as his plan, just as his knowledge of our actions before we make them, he bases his intervention upon that, allowing us to make a choice on our own, but still offers a helping hand in spite of ourselves.


No and no. We exist only in linear time God doesn’t. Just because God already knows how it’s all going to turn out doesn’t mean God directed it to turn out that way. Creation would be pointless would it not?


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