God does not always seem to fair to me


Those who seek Him the most, are the most aware of their human failings. Saints are tested the most. God rejoices over the repentance of a sinner. The thief on the cross. We have anytime to repent over our sinners. Who is blessed more the one who sacrifices a lot in this life to follow Christ or the one who simply repents after living the life he wanted? Honestly, nothing would happen if God did not permit it. How much free-will do we actually have?

I am find myself here on Catholic forums. Sure it is my free-will. Some people have never heard of, let alone care or simply pass by this forum. There is always that element of fate.

What I do not understand also, God is upset at our imperfections and sinful tendencies, honestly we could fix it ourselves if we could.

There are good people who stay up all night praying, worrying about God, but God does not love them anymore than those who intentionally neglect, disdain, ignore, refuse God’s grace.

We are given free-will basically to give our lives back to Christ. Which means?


For some, God will punish immediately for their transgressions, others He allows to continue. It sucks that God allows some people to hurt others.

Those who have much knowledge about God or feel His presence, will still experience human feelings and temptations.

If sins are always a choice, why do we have the inclination? In theory, humans have the ability to completely stop sinning. Why aren’t we that strong then?


Free will. You can change. God does not force you to sin.


Cratus, it sounds to me like you are forgetting to factor in the most important thing–love! God is all good and the true fulfillment of all our desires. When we know Him, we don’t want to sin anymore, because we’ve found something better!


I think it’s time to quit putting God to the test…and looking more inward as to how WE can merit the blessings He will give now, and in the next life.

Comparing and coveting is never going to satisfy. That’s why God doesn’t want us to do it.
Sure, the grass is always greener somewhere else. We need to look inward to conversion and outward to service of others.
Jesus wants us to turn toward Him in love and outward to others to serve our fellow man.
Hands and feet of Christ, remember?

Demanding to understand the why’s of the Lord is pretty futile. We’ll find out in the end what His plan meant for us individually, and whether or not we passed. What may be a terrible trial for you may not be so awful for another.
But your response is what matters.
Respond in love.


I hope I’m not posting heresy…lol, perhaps if someone else has heard what I am about to write, they can tell you more, because I can’t tell you exactly where I heard this or the basis for the claim, but here goes: I have heard that, while God loves everyone equally, there are certain “levels” of Heaven in which some souls experience a more profound love and/or joy than others, and it is based on how we live our lives. For example, someone who lived a holy earthly life would experience a deeper joy in Heaven than the person who lived an evil life but repented on the death bed. They both experience eternal life in Heaven, but I’m not sure it’s Catholic teaching that everyone is equally happy. So I imagine if this is true, then sure, everyone in Heaven is way happier than is possible on Earth, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is equally happy. I think this is based on the idea that we definitely are rewarded in Heaven according to our good works/how we lived our life on Earth. (No, I’m not trying to rile up anyone with a Protestant mindset, saying that we are saved by works alone…lol.)

Anyway, that’s my response to your second-to-last sentence (“There are good people…”) - yes, God loves everyone equally, but part of God’s justice is not only allowing people to choose Hell by their actions, but rewarding those in Heaven with happiness in accord with their lives on Earth.

So, now I get to find out if I’m crazy and see if anyone else has heard that!!! In the meantime, I need to try to find out where I heard that. :slight_smile:


“levels of heaven”? :confused:

that’s a Mormon construct.


No, you are not crazy, there are different degrees in Heaven, according to a person’s level of sanctity.


Which means you can choose not to give your life back to Christ


Rather than ask why does God love everyone equally - even those who seem to us as ungrateful. It seems to me a better question is why am I upset that God loves everyone equally. We are all sinners and so we should all be grateful that He has forgiven us our many sins and happy for our brothers and sisters that He also loves them. It is a sin of pride to think that God should love me more because I am, in my own estimation, a better person outwardly than someone else.


“levels of the heavens” is all over the bible


Can you back that statement up with something?


Yes, but I recall those are referencing the heavens in which the bird live, the heaven in which the planets are, and then the heavenly home of the Lord. Thus, the 3rd level of heaven mentioned in Scripture.


Maybe it is sin of pride. I just do not think it is fair. Why should I squander so much for God while the same person who never cared about God can go to the same heaven with me if they simply repent? What is the point of sacrifice? Why not enjoy all the earthly pleasures I may, not sinfully. I am sure there are others who are way more holy than me. I do not plan on fasting unnecessarily, wearing ugly clothes, etc. I think I should do things for God out of joy, not fear or because I have to. I do not owe God anything. I will probably just talk to a priest about this. I know it is pride.


Make no mistake. Any act done for the love of God is NOT squandered.
We are not to peer into the souls of others.
concentrate your thoughts and actions on the Lord and work for Him in this life .
You will not be disappointed.
Joy does not come from keeping score.

Read and meditate on the story of the Prodigal Son.


Our God is called “The Most High”, because He sits at the highest level of heavens.

St. Paul said he was once being brought to the 3rd level of heaven.


Ummm…I don’t think that’s what he meant…

And Most High refers to the Jesus as the High Priest.


I was refering to your remark about “level of heaven being mormorn consturct”. It is not mormorn construct, it’s biblical.

I’m not sure how we will be “rewarded” in heaven, whether it is related to the “level of heaven” and "our “good works”

Heaven-- first of all-- is not a reward. Rather it is God’s favor.


#1 - Please understand my response is hypothetical not about you personally but the general situation described with my limited knowledge of it. Please take it with that grain of salt.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not so much pride as doubt or worry about God’s justice.

Personally, I have been really selfish and did something wrong to someone because of it, maybe not even intending to hurt them, but just doing what I wanted to do? In the moment of the selfish act, I may enjoy what I’m doing but when I’d have to look at that person I hurt in the face, I would do anything to be able to unring that bell.

And I do understand what you’re saying. I, for the longest time, had such empathy for the older brother in the prodigal son.

I hope you read this Cratus, I worry that you would take it personally when I was just describing about what I think about the situation of what would seem like injustice because God has mercy on the just and the unjust. Or something to that effect.


And I meant that Mormons are typically the ones who really get into this notions of levels of heaven.

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