God,Faith, Prayer and different denominations???

Dear friends

I have noted on the ask an apologist thread that a few questions have arisen about prayer through other faiths and if they contradict a Catholic in their prayer and should indeed a Catholic look towards other faiths forms of prayer.

I have considered this and have to say…my faith, the Catholic faith, is not a man made faith, it does not derive from a human person nor their thoughts or philosophy, but derives purely from the revelation of God Himself, so I desire to worship God in the way He desires and not the way a human may desire, not that human desires cannot be in some part correct as to how God desires, but the fullness of faith is in how God desires and that is Catholicism. When I type the word Catholic I am still under the impression that some quarters think it is a man made term, but it is not. Christ brought about the One True Faith and those early church Fathers held the fullness of faith that is held in the Catholic faith and no other faith, all events after led to the disallusion of that entirety and really came to bear what man desired and not what God desires of man.

Do people make their own god then in this way, a god that meets their needs instead of God gathering a people unto Himself that meet to God’s law, what He intended of Humanity, we surely cannot pray at all without the Holy Spirit, so what is all other prayer that is not offered in the full deposit of faith? If all faith is gift and proceeds from God how is the lesser accounted for? Is it a prayer that is offered in a lesser deposit of faith? Would this be fair to have greater and lesser? Is the free will at fault? Is the Word not spread as far as it should be with enough fervour of spirit?
If in all other perspectives faiths differ from the One True Faith and cannot be resolved so being, is prayer the source of unity that all faiths in Christ Jesus can find unity in?

Please add your thoughts I am greatly interested in all denominations input here

God bless you all and much love and peace to you


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