God, family, career — in that order -- Kirk Cameron


Yahoo has this on their features page: :thumbsup:


I dont know there was some stuff I didnt exactly like when I was digging around his site a long time ago, can think of it now. But his enthusiasm is infecteous.

And the order if you follow God first then your family and career will fall in line, dont have a problem with that. God said husbands and wives are to honor each other. when we dont listen to God then theres problems.


I don’t know anything about his website. Since you read about his site a long time ago, I hope things are better in some way. :slight_smile:


The problem I have is they mention that he is/was into the rapture theory, in particular the Left Behind books. Everything I have ever heard about the series says that it has a definite anti-Catholic bent to it. I find that sad. :frowning:


Ya know its bugging me now I will have to look next wk. I remember being a bit surprised.


Well I read the series with the exception of the latest, havent picked it up. But to be fair they handle the whole thing quite well. The pope is honorable, one of the characters “left behind” is a pastor of a church. I really think they were sensitive to as much as possiblle. Even though some of the characters disagreed on different issues they still worked together. It was good that way.

(There was a Catholic book store selling the books I bought a couple from them.)

Plus in case you didnt know Cameron was in the Left Behind movies, played Buck the reporter.


Maybe you can correct me if I am wrong because I haven’t read any of the books, but is the Pope “Raptured up” only after he accepts what the authors call the real Gospel and turns away from Catholicism? I could be wrong, like I said I have never read the book.

On a side note, Kirk Cameron’s ministry with Ray Comfort encourage their followers to witness to Catholics and to get them to leave the Church.


God bless


Well if in the scenario of being Raptured up the ones that are “left Behind” are because they rejected Jesus somehow, or didnt believe in Him, didnt know Him.

Would it not be better in the *context of the book *for the pope to have been raptured?? If he was left behind then THAT would have been anti catholic.

Like I said a pastor from a church was left behind but his senior pastor was raptured. So think of it, in the context of the book the writers told the whole protestant community that if there is a rapture we believe the pope to be a true Christian and NOT be left behind. That is a good thing. :smiley:

unlike the other thing thats said about the pope.

as for camerons site, next wk like I said :slight_smile:


Quote from Roman’s posted site:

  1. How do you witness to a Roman Catholic?
    The problem is that he is most likely not born again. It is because of this, that there is contention. I have found that it is often a futile exercise to try and convince a Roman Catholic that the teachings of his church are erroneous. Instead, I open up the Law (the Ten Commandments), then say that if he is not born again he is not a Christian (I show him John 3 and say that Jesus said it–in the Catholic Bible). Unless that happens, he is unsaved and cannot enter Heaven (and there is no purgatory). I then spread it out by letting him know that if someone is a Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Salvation Army, Catholic or “whatever,” and is not born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. When he is truly converted, the Holy Spirit will lead him into all truth and away from the error of Roman Catholicism.

Emphasis mine. Does not sound like they believe that the Catholic Church is a Christian church.


And you did not answer the question. :wink: Here it is again from Roman Catholic.

Maybe you can correct me if I am wrong because I haven’t read any of the books, but is the Pope “Raptured up” only after he accepts what the authors call the real Gospel and turns away from Catholicism? I could be wrong, like I said I have never read the book.


I both like and dislike Kirk Cameron. I really appreciate his enthusiam and love for God. It is also great that he is willing to risk mockery by going public with his faith.

But I think that he is a lightweight when it comes to theology and that he has some mistaken beliefs.

Perhaps one day his zeal for God will lead him into the arms of the Catholic church.:smiley:


But was he raptured up because he was Catholic who believed in Christ or does the book make it sound like he had to reject Catholicism and accept protestantism in order to be raptured up?

Again I haven’t read the book but here is what CA says about it:

In Tribulation Force we learn that a when the Rapture took place, the Pope was one of those taken to heaven. That doesn’t sound anti-Catholic, but LaHaye and Jenkins go on to explain that this Pope “had stirred up controversy in the church with a new doctrine that seemed to coincide more with the ‘heresy’ of Martin Luther than with the historic orthodoxy they were used to.” In other words, the only good pope is one who agrees with Protestant teaching.


God bless


I don’'t care for Kirk Cameron and his in your face prostesizing (sp. ??) His attitude seems more of I’m better than you and I’ve seen that THS segment where he called others devils and other names because they didn’t believe the same as him. Very weird guy.
I like his sister Candace though.


Roman and Sabda

I will have to look in the book and try to find that part again, I will do so. I dont remember what you posted that the pope was rejecting catholicism, not saying it didnt, I just dont remember it being put that way. I will look for sure and let you all know what I find. I have no problem with that. :smiley:


You are correct on the pope. In the first book, the pope is taken in the Rapture but a new pope is elected (an American, actually) and if I am remembering correctly, he ends up being aligned with the Antichrist in the books to create the new world order. I read most of the series when I was protestant and thought they were entertaining but even then I didn’t believe in the rapture theory.

Back on topic–I do admire Kirk Cameron for trying to be Christian in Hollywood. I don’t agree with some of what Kirk and Ray teach but you can’t help but admire what they do when they are evangelising (even though they try to convert Catholics:D :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ). I wish more Catholics would take the initiative and evangelize too. Believe me, its hard (especially here in the south:) ), I try every day at work and school and home (I’m the only Catholic in my family)


My experience of life i sthat if you put God firs, then everyting else has an uncanny way of falling into place but if we put our own wills first then the rest is chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

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