God Friended Me - CBS Show starting Sept. 30, '18


I wonder if this is say, similar in sentiment to the “Touched By An Angel” and “Highway to Heaven” shows, you know, warmhearted in a sense. I can’t say “religious” per se, in a way, maybe it is.

So, starting next September 30.


I’m going to give it a chance and watch a few episodes. It looks like it has possibilities, but who knows?


It sounds kind of like “Joan of Arcadia” where God shows himself to a teenage girl and has her do certain things that end up helping people, although they never seem to make sense at first.


What can I say? It’s something about religion (pseudo Christian?) in prime time that is not about cults, LGBT controversies, appropriation of faith for political agendas, abortion, sex scandals, prosperity gospel, terrorists, or anything else. Hopefully it won’t be too cheesy, and I’m sure it won’t go too deep spiritually, but hopefully it will remind people of the basis for faith and either why it is or could be apart of their lives.


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