God Friended Me - spoilers


I was very curious about this show and watched from the first episode. An atheist doing the Lord’s work sure seemed interesting. I liked the lead character, came across and a very nice guy but like a lot of young people a little too sure of himself. He’s estranged from his father who is a minister.

3 episodes in and I was really enjoying it then it made a huge blunder. The main character’s sister is gay and she wants to move in with her lover and doesn’t want to tell her father. Of course, the father finds out and is angry. No he’s not angry that his daughter is gay and he’s not angry that his daughter is moving in with her lover. He’s angry because she didn’t tell him she was moving in.

OK, maybe it is me, but I kind of thought there was a message saying that as long as you keep people informed of your living conditions everyone will be happy. Absolutely no reference to the religious aspect of the situation at all. Odd for a minister, don’t you think?

Then they ran an episode of a devout Muslim whose daughter is in love with a Jewish boy. They keep their relationship a secret but of course, the father finds out and forbids his daughter to see the boy. She plans to run off and they are reunited where the father who had just given a whole speech on what faith and family means suddenly decides his daughter’s happiness is more important than their faith.

So basically, I’m getting the feeling that this show says it’s OK to believe in God or not, and that religion shouldn’t be that important, especially if it gets in the way of someone’s ‘happiness’ or familial relationships.

anyone else?


Are you surprised? It’s Western culture in a nutshell.


I haven’t seen the show but I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to play fast and loose with Christian religion. Of course some people have worn a crucifix for example as a piece of jewellery for years, I remember someone recanting a story of a young lady who went in to buy a crucufix and when shown an empty cross said “ no, I want one with a little man on it.” Horrifying!

But there are possibly many more who pay lip service to the religion but don’t have a strong conviction at all. It’s as though religion can be worn as a cloak and then discarded if it might interfere with their day to day lives and social interactions. It’s sad to see.


It’s Hollywood being Hollywood.
Hollywood portrayals of religion generally make my teeth itch, so I avoid it.


Many Protestant Christian movies I see can be sort of good but just how blantantly wrong they are

Makes me cringe


By putting a senior minister on the show, they have chosen a person with some authority in Christianity. That is very strategic. Then, when his daughter moves in with a woman and reveals to her dad that she is gay, his response is… I want you to be happy. Even she is surprised.

This is Hollywood’s chance to preach their ‘tolerance’ toward the homosexual lifestyle. They purposely drew in the religious crowd to their show, with a catchy title, on a Sunday, to gain the stage to preach to Christians on how they should respond to homosexuality. To soften their view on sin.

Don’t expect tv shows to portray Christianity through Catholic eyes. If anything they are catechizing Christians to follow their dogma. Know the media is hostile to the Catholic faith in particular. I expect that people who will be portrayed as religious on this show, regardless of their faith, will be painted in a way that they are considered hateful bigots, needing to change their attitude. Everyone will be happier when they do.

God has a plan for singleness, for dating, for married life. That plan is good for individuals, for children, for families, for neighborhoods and for the nation. We are bombarded by counterfeits every single day. Those counterfeits are dressed with good looking people, winning smiles, pleasant voices. God’s plan for humanity has a lot of enemies and they are looking to sway public opinion. No kidding, they are having a lot of success. When you look at Christ on the cross, remember how very grave sin is and what a terrible price was paid for us.


What’s wrong with either of those things?

It IS okay to believe in God or not - we have free will.

And religion SHOULDN’T get in the way of someones happiness - if you’re miserable because of your religion, you’re doing it wrong.


So she didn’t know the correct terminology for a “corpus” that’s horrifying?


No, I meant I was horrified that this young woman didn’t say that she wanted a crucifix with Jesus on it, let’s not be too pedantic.


so because we have free will it is ok to reject God. Well, I suppose you could say it is OK after all, we get to choose whether or not we want to go to hell. But of course, that isn’t the message you will get from this show.

I think you missed the point I was trying to make. Some people really, really enjoy their sin and just hate that their religion makes them feel miserable. So they chuck their religion in favor of their happiness so that they can enjoy their sin without all that religious guilt.

Or they want to keep everybody happy and chuck their religion because it becomes inconvenient when their unmarried children want to spend the night with their lover in the same room at their home.


I dunno, I understand it’s wrong to do that, but I’m not gonna get mad at people or judge them for doing it.

Instead I will pray for them and do my best to show them Christ Resurrected in my own life, and hope to draw them back.

If people on a tv show do it I’ll just view it as a peculiar character dynamic… Not view it as some sort of personal attack on my own faith.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe they do things in good faith as opposed to being suspiciois of nefarious schemes.


I haven’t seen the show yet but I have a lot of Catholic friends who feel that way. Some non-Catholic churches “ordain” practicing homosexuals so it’s not surprising that they wrote the episode that way.


I didn’t view it as a personal attack on my own faith but as an example of how society dismisses religious thought. Obviously in both situations I cited the characters didn’t put their religious beliefs forward. And even the Muslim father who declared his deep faith, then did a turn around. That’s against character for me. How can a character be so focused on their faith and then chuck it when it becomes inconvenient? Kind of throws me out of the story. The narrative no longer makes sense.

I think you are misunderstanding my critique of the show. I think it is deliberately showing that a life of faith is not only not worthwhile it isn’t even necessary and the best people of faith adapt to society’s idea of what is good.


She didn’t know it was Jesus, that’s what’s horrifying.


Ah, okay.

I think saying it was “astounding” would have been a better term than “horrifying” in that case.


Shows like this are designed to simultaneously insult mainstream religious people’s views and promote the religious ideologies (or lack thereof) of the producers and writers of the show. Like most of television these days it is propaganda thinly disguised as entertainment.

Also, it is promoting facebook which is clue number one that this show’s purpose it to continue to erode the basics of society.


Never heard of this show, I do not watch television and it sounds as if I am not missing anything!


Starting on tv here this week, I won’t be missing anything by not watching I’m sure.
Actually,the last two nights I sat down to watch something as I wasn’t feeling so well with a sore throat…I flicked from station to station and 9 out of ten showed a scene within a few seconds that was blatantly gay or an s scene.It was really dissapointing and I’m going to just stick with dvd’s from the library I think.I hate when that stuff sticks in my head .
So much hype building up to a new series ,and when you get there it’s really hit and miss with the quality. :thinking:


Not being happy doesn’t mean miserable and for the most part small sacrifices are needed.


Totally agree. Sloppy lazy writing. Lack of continuity. :expressionless:

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