God Friended Me - spoilers


It makes perfect sense if you are an atheist writing the show. That is their message to people of faith, that everyone will be happier in the end if you just put your faith on a shelf and forget about it. That’s their homily to you! The show, on false pretenses, gains access to people of faith, to preach this message to you.

It also reinforces the non-believer that those annoying people in your life who are people of faith really just need to change their attitude and everyone will get along.


I started following this series from the beginning, because I thought it had an interesting premise, and that, like “Touched by an Angel” back in the day, maybe it could be an uplifting series. However, the moving-in episode definitely bothered me. I’m behind two eps on the DVR, but I’m only THAT far from becoming a complete un-follower.



Not necessarily.
What if somebody was going through a really difficult temptation, and striving to do the right thing. They may feel miserable while fighting the temptation.


I feel like I’m seeing this more and more—the show starts out with a decent, non-controversial premise, the first few episodes are really kinda nice, then they “gotcha” with something that goes against your values.

That’s why I’ve learned to withhold my judgment about any new show.
And the old ones don’t get a pass, either.


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