God gave me the strength


I have a friend who was following an apparition which was neither approved nor unapproved. I had read a lot about the apparition. I really wanted to tell her about the problems with this apparition and to focus on the approved ones. Mulled it over for awhile.

I asked God to help me find intelligent articles about the problems with the apparition. I did find them, prepared a kind/concerned email, and sent it to my friend. She responded saying that she is willing to accept the Church’s final ruling.

I was afraid of hurting her, of losing a friend. But I cared so much about her that I didn’t want her to be led astray. Praise God for giving me the strength to do this!


Way to go! :thumbsup:


Glory to God in the highest.


That’s so wonderful :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !! Were they the Bayside ones in New York? So many people succumb to those.:rolleyes:


that’s great! :slight_smile: sometimes it’s important to do this, though it can be pretty hard. Praise God for giving you the strength :slight_smile:


Post Bayside, in Europe. I think you can all figure it out. :smiley:


Mmmkay, my friend is also praising this specific apparition because it brought her back to the Catholic church. She visited the actual site twice.

It brought her to the pro-life movement, Confession, and knowledge of the Catholic church.

But I say that the Holy Spirit was working in her life. I’m not sure how I can help her see that it really wasn’t this apparition, but GOD. Does anyone have any ideas? You can also PM me for more details.



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