God has a better plan


The church bulletin stated:
There’s an old saying" do you want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans."
Put your trust in God, He always has a better plan!

This stewardship thought coordinates well with Mark 4:40 He said to them, “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?”



A most welcome bit of advice! Thank you and God Bless!


I find that more depressing than anything.



How so if I may ask?


He would always have a better plan, but the route could and probably should be arduous, so I could think that, that old saying is antiquated too the posterity of an old and harpy woman .

Also my plans are without boast quite pragmatic at times and not so arduous, and in that, is where there is know humour for GO_ D ( arduous ) - other than the laughing at some-ones plan`s…

" But having had said all of that it is still a very true and funny old saying, surely for Go_d at sometime with some individuals …

" THANKS For reminding me … Take care not too make too many plans. : )


The centered text makes ordinary comments and questions difficult to read.


The idea that I, or someone might be struggling to livr life and G-D is laughing because none of it is going to pan out; the premise itself that G-D finds ourselves or our life “funny”.



It might have been better to say make God smile… but the point being made is valid - put your trust in God.


I see why you would think this and if you take it from this point of view, I would most likely agree with you. Yet, it is true with the saying that God works in mysterious ways! We often make our plans for life, and hold them to be true! Yet we often notice as the years go by that our plans change like the morning sun. God placed a unique plan in our lives and we fail to trust him time and time again. We steer them in ways unimaginable that God never intended, only for us to end up broken. Look around us today and the evidence becomes clear, we should trust God if plans don’t work out, for something greater will surely come about!! :thumbsup:


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