"God has already forgiven you, you just have to forgive yourself"

What Protestant denominations teach this? I’ve heard it many times before, I don’t understand this doctrine. Are they implying once you believe in Christ all sins are forgiven? (past, present, and future). I know this is a calvinistic doctrine.

As a Catholic, I don’t believe this, one must repent of their sins in order to be forgiven.

God Bless! +

Well in what context did you hear this?

Because to me it sounds like a message of comfort to those who have sincerely repented, but continue to feel guilt over a particular sin.

Often it is difficult to forgive yourself of a sin, despite having repented.

To me this is what that quote is referring to.

I agree with FabiusMaximus that context is important.

However, in the absence of a case of true repentance, this quote seems to me to be indicative of bad theology. I don’t know of any Christian church that teaches that we don’t have to ask forgiveness for sins that we are aware we have committed.

I would argue that the quote makes sense in the context** of having already repented of the sin and having sought God’s forgiveness through Confession (in the Catholic sphere).**

Isn’t it true that many Protestants believe when they were saved they were forgiven of all sins, even sins they have not yet committed?

This is certainly true for some christians. At least the baptists that come to our door every now and again (their church had baptist in it yet they claim they weren’t a denomination either so I don’t know). They claimed that once they accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior that from that moment on they were saved. When I asked what happens when you sin again (noting to them how Christ Himself said that the most virtuous man sins seven times a day) they said that once we are saved we can’t sin and if that someone “did” sin then he wasn’t truly saved or when he proclaimed Christ as King, he didn’t truly mean it or had reservations (I am paraphrasing that last part as I don’t recall exactly what they said though it was along those lines). Once I tried my hand at apologetics with them then they decided it was time to go to the next house lol. Funny how those who claim to share the Truth, end up fleeing from it.

Yes, to someone who has already repented, and sometimes, no. (But only God knows their heart).

Yes, many Baptists have said this before. Baptists I know believe in “Once saved, always saved”.

I agree with what you are saying is true because I have heard it even on this site tons of times.

But lets go back and think about what they say, That once you proclaim Jesus as your Lord you cannot sin again or you were not saved in the first place.

Then it looks like No one is saved in this world according to that theory.:o

It also makes you wonder why Jesus told the Apostles to Baptise everyone for the forgivness of sins. Then gives the authority to Forgive sin in his name.

That would be pretty stupid to do, if once you are Baptised you are saved forever. Why given the authority to forgive sin in his name, if its not needed.

It makes you wonder HOW these people really read the bible sometimes. What do they do with scripture that is in direct conflict with their way of thinking.:smiley:

Right I follow, however I assume the thinking revolves around Faith Alone since you must believe in order to have Faith. Here I’ll show you an example of the thinking.


It’s also a line from Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic.

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