God has big plans for... me?

I’ve been told that before so of course I wonder, what big plans could God possibly have for…me? Little me who lives with but a tiny bit of faith. I walk my journey mostly alone, just not many in my life to share it with. I do try to share it however I can in my own way. But, I do not share it as much as I would really like to, the way I see many others who do. That’s just the circumstances of my life though. Why would God have any plans for someone like me? Why do people even say that? Besides, doesn’t He have big plans for everyone?

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11

Yes, He has big plans for everyone! It is our decision if we choose to accept Him and show us these plans. I know how you feel, I honestly don’t know God’s plans for me either!
There are also many different types of spiritual gifts and talents He gives us for the benefit of Him and for the benefit of others. [See 1 Corinthians 12]
I guess it’s all patience when dealing with the future God has planned out for us. But you can be sure, it’s a good one. Just remember that God probably put that desire to be a certain occupation in your heart.

Best of blessings on your future journey! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

You could say that God has big plans, or big desires anyway, for everyone, namely salvation and granting that person the Beatific Vision. But for many of us the path to that salvation may be very ordinary and obscure, not glamorous at all.

It might be a big plan to grow you in the faith. If I think about it where I was around two to three years ago, I must say the biggest plan was just that, to grow me in religious life.
Still, I struggle, but I’ve also had 17 hour days of work after which I still managed to learn Torah when I got home. We all grow. No master falls from the sky. Today, his biggest plan is probably to stop me from asking the same question each and every day: Am I on the right path. If he wasn’t patience he would have already freaked out by now :smiley:
The biggest plans lie in the small things.

We are all called to sainthood. That seems like a pretty big expectation for all of us at times, but it doesn’t make it false. Your life may seem small, but living it in a way that is pleasing to God will not likely go unnoticed by those around you. There is really no way to know the full effect our lives will have on those around us. What seems insignificant to us in our lives may turn out to be a pivotal moment for some of (or many of!) the faithful in the world.

Yes, the Lord does have big plans for everyone. We need to pray and cooperate with His grace.

Don’t sell yourself short. Haven’t you ever seen “It’s A Wonderful Life”? I’m sure your life impacts many more people than you would think. :wink:

And you are in good company, St. Therese of Lisieux has this to say;

" I have always wanted to become a saint. Unfortunately when I have compared myself with the saints, I have always found that there is the same difference between the saints and me as there is between a mountain whose summit is lost in the clouds and a humble grain of sand trodden underfoot by passers-by. Instead of being discouraged, I told myself: God would not make me wish for something impossible and so, in spite of my littleness, I can aim at being a saint. It is impossible for me to grow bigger, so I put up with myself as I am, with all my countless faults. But I will look for some means of going to heaven by a little way which is very short and very straight, a little way that is quite new.
" We live in an age of inventions. We need no longer climb laboriously up flights of stairs; in well-to-do houses there are lifts. And I was determined to find a lift to carry me to Jesus, for I was far too small to climb the steep stairs of perfection. So I sought in holy Scripture some idea of what this life I wanted would be, and I read these words: “Whosoever is a little one, come to me.” It is your arms, Jesus, that are the lift to carry me to heaven. And so there is no need for me to grow up: I must stay little and become less and less."

Do your best to be a saint! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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