God has called me to a life of prayer and service


Our Lord has made it very clear for me to enter more into a life of prayer and service. anyone want to help me with this?


You could take up the Rosary.

And you could find out what is happening in your parish (and/or diocese) and get involved.

Or, do you mean in wider terms i.e:- vocation?


Thank you for replying, I pray the Rosary everyday and have looked into a vocation but I have a young daughter as a single father this avenue isn’t strictly possible, although I know of third orders.


Parish level is a good place to start.

Dioceses normally have things going on. As do, local monasteries and priories, which laity members can join in with.

Are there any soup kitchens about.

There is a member on here called @Cloisters who might be able to name a ‘Third Order’ in your area.


That is true, if you have heavy duty financial and emotional commitments, a vow of poverty and serving in the mission field or a cloister is out of the question. You have to be able to earn a good living to pay for college tuition and orthodontic braces as well as to be there to do some parenting.


God’s will is not always in accordance with mans will. I am at a turning point in my life and the Lord is reavealing so much to me.


Shouldn’t this be on the Vocations Forum?

Where are you located? Your parish would be a good place to start. How old is the child, and how was the other parent separated from the family?

Prayerfulness in your state in life consists primarily in maintaining inner silence and adoring the Eucharistic Christ in the Throne Room of the Heart. While you need to take your own oxygen first, the growth of the child is priority.

Third Orders can be demanding, and require the LOTH. You might not have time to do that, and not having your attention on the child may make them resent religion. OTOH, they may learn to love God from your own. Fortunately, I had that happen.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


That would be obviously Godly - two things that are basic requirement for a Christian life.

The prayer part - this actually a mean to achieve something - holiness. Faithfulness in prayer is called for and hopefully that will lead to personal holiness.

You mentioned about serving - that could be one effect manifesting in your life as a result of prayers.

Besides having a fixed schedule of prayer, you can also be aware that your life is a prayer, even when you do not formally pray. When you infuse what you do and say as your prayers, you would not be far from holiness and God.

All the best and God bless.


What country are you in


I love - reading that !


I would caution against turning to parish service too quickly. First focus on growing in your prayer life and being the best and holiest dad you can be. God will eventually show you how you are to serve and your service will grow out of your prayer life. Parish work can quickly bog you down in meetings, bickering, or even just busyness, especially if your service is not rooted in your spirituality.

Go to mass and adoration whenever you can. Go to confession often and really try to grow in holiness. Ask God to show you what you are to pray for and what service you are to give. I found the works of St. Alphonsus Ligouri and St. Francis de Sales most helpful in starting out on this road.


If you were never married. Then once the child is finished college, and no longer dependent on you. You may discern a priesthood vocation then. But is God calling you to that?

Your first duty is to your daughter, you are her only earthly dad, God wants you to do this well, :slight_smile:
some short child friendly prayers with your daughter would be good :slight_smile:
If you can fit in the rosary on your own, awesome :slight_smile:

It depends on your discernment :slight_smile:
Is there a few little things you can do, that will not impede on your duties as her dad? :slight_smile:️ That is the main question, God would not take you away from your responsibilities to your child :slight_smile:


How old is your daughter?


9 years old


You have no idea how lucky you are that your vocation is so clearly spelled out. So many struggle with this, even for many years. Fortunately, I think I may also be in your position, without need for months of discernment.


Your vocation is to your daughter and your father.

Learn contemplative prayer, while in the state of life you’re in.



Yeah, your vocation right now is being a good dad and providing a good life for your daughter. You can’t quit your job and run off to the monastery, at least not for years.


Maybe you could include her in your prayer activity.


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