God has chosen the little to confound the big

His name is Paul. A shy, insecure, man. Overweight, with broken teeth and greatly in debt due to months out of work as a result of a car accident, he bought a cheap suit and entered a talent contest.

The judges admitted later that they had “written him off” when he first stood before them. As you watch, note the judges first reactions change to great surprise.

I found this very moving.

God has chosen the “little” to confound the “big” :slight_smile:


That was beautiful! A prime example of why you should NEVER judge a book by it’s cover :thumbsup:

OH! What a voice!!! I’ve just gone through 3 Kleenex listening to this humble genius!

They said he might go on to sing for the Queen–this man should be singing for the world! Where can I buy his first CD?

Whoa! So how is he doing now?? He has to have to be discovered by the opera industry by now!

Della try this site. It’s the british site.

stbruno he is doing quite well and it didn’t take them long to get him into a studio with a voice like that.


Outstanding! God is good!

Paul works(ed) for the same company I do (Big company with many stores, I don’t personally know him) we were all supporting him during the show. He has a great talent.

Thanks, I just ordered his first album “One Chance” through Amazon.

What’s great to see is the new confidence in his eyes compared to the “whipped dog” expression he had during his audition. It’s great to see someone like him get the recognition he deserves and to see him blossom because of it, isn’t it? :thumbsup:

Oh, I watched all the links of him on you tube, I think he is adorable, and God Bless him! (He already has:) )

And I loved the judges and the crowd’s reaction!

I just got One Chance. Paul Potts isn’t as polished as Pavarotti, but he brought a sincerity to the pieces that gives them emotional power. He has fine range, depth, and strength in his vocals. It will be interesting to follow his career, to see where he finally lands–in opera or some other genre such as art songs or perhaps musicals. I could see him as Jud Fry in Oklahoma, for instance.

That was GREAT!!!:clapping: I love seeing stuff like that! Thanks so much for posting it!

DITTO:crying: :extrahappy: :crying: :extrahappy: !!!

I thought it was amazing also. What a voice.

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