God has no feelings

I once heard part of a talk that Scott Hahn was giving on the radio. He referred to God not having feelings. I was unable to listen to the entire thing. Could someone please go in depth on this subject.

I refer you to St. Thomas Aquinas…

“That there are no Passions in God”

Additional reading:

Nature and Attributes of God
(Catholic Encyclopedia)

“Yet sometimes men are led by a natural tendency to think and speak of God as if He were a magnified creature – more especially a magnified man – and this is known as anthropomorphism. Thus God is said to see or hear, as if He had physical organs, or to be angry or sorry, as if subject to human passions: and this perfectly legitimate and more or less unavoidable use of metaphor is often quite unfairly alleged to prove that the strictly Infinite is unthinkable and unknowable, and that it is really a finite anthropomorphic God that men worship. But whatever truth there may be in this charge as applied to Polytheistic religions, or even to the Theistic beliefs of rude and uncultured minds, it is untrue and unjust when directed against philosophical Theism. The same reasons that justify and recommend the use of metaphorical language in other connections justify and recommended it here, but no Theist of average intelligence ever thinks of understanding literally the metaphors he applies, or hears applied by others, to God, any more than he means to speak literally when he calls a brave man a lion, or a cunning one a fox.”
*]Nature and Attributes of God

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