God hit me over the head the other night


After much thought, prayer and fighting with God, I have started discerning a call to religious life. I don’t know what my next step is going to be, so please keep me in your prayers!


Just from knowing you through your posts, that doesn’t surprise me at all:). Prayers for you in your discernment process!!!




Many, many prayers for you Sancta!



God be with you


Well then hit back :smiley:

Seriously good luck on your discernment process. Just be open to whatever answer he gives you. It may or may not be religious but i swear when you come out you will knowing yourself so much better and will have a clearer understand and peace with your relationship with God.


Fantastic! Many prayers for you!


How wonderfull Praying for you:gopray2:


Yay! Thank God there are wonderful young people out there who are willing to seriously discern the call. God bless you in your search! :crossrc:


Wow Sancta. Fabulous! I am positive you’ll let us know when you work that out!


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