God holding me back

Can someone come to Christ and become saved and later try to REJECT Christ but fail?

This is situation I’m in at this point in time.

I understand the catholic view of conditional security. I still feel God holding me back and is still directing my life. I understand that people have to repent of their sins.

I rejected the Holy Spirit in the past, however God told me that if I repent then he will restore everything to the rightful place.

I believe that’s the key phrase there. Maybe God is trying to get you to put your priorities right.

Are you saying you are trying to ditch God, but feel like He won’t let you? If you believe He told you anything…therefore is a real being in the sense that we understand him, why would you be trying to ditch Him?

I’m a mom.

If my son – who is nearly as tall as me at this point – tried to run out in front of a moving truck, I would hold him back to the best of my ability. Don’t be surprised that God, who loves you more than any human parent could ever love their child, is holding you back from leaving His love and care.

I left God for many years, calling myself a pagan, an agnostic, and finally an atheist. But somehow, there was always this feeling that I was being protected and cared for. Can’t explain it, and certainly did nothing to deserve this, and couldn’t really name it until I returned to the faith – slowly, and over the course of about seven months.

Perhaps you could talk with someone in your own church about your feelings and try to get things set right with God?

God bless you!

God will never outright prevent you from rejecting Him, that would violate our free will and make any act of love for Him meaningless. With that said, when He feels you pulling away it’s entirely possible that He will increase the notable “feeling” of His presence in your life to try to remind you that He is there, and that He loves you.

May I ask why you’re trying to reject God?

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