God in Daily Life

Why does God seem to be almost “non-active” in our world today compared to back in Jesus’ time?

It seems like God was very active during the old testament, by sending angels, doing supernatural feats, etc. Additionally, God seemed to punish wicked people on the spot, stories such as the ones of Sodom and Gomorrah illustrate God’s workings and justice.

Personally I think God is very active in this life. If you just look at the little things, everyday there are little miracles happening.Sometimes we overlook the little things and focus on the bigger things.In my opinion we don’t need big shows if we all look at our own situation. We do not have to make life complicated, just be close to God in your own personal way and if you really believe and persevere you will start to see things in a different light.Trust God that everything will work out and it will.:smiley:

I think I know what Bobby Ray means, but I’m not sure I have a good answer. I wonder about this myself. Some of the answers I’ve come up with is because we’re in a different stage in the age of man. For example God wants to see us have faith in Him. If He made His existence and presence as obvious as in Biblical days, we’d have proof of Him. Proof negates faith. I also think He’s doing this because He’s saving His presence on the Earth, for the end times. Right now we have the Holy Spirit, and if a person prays as much as we should, we’d see the Holy Spirit is just as real as Jesus was. But these are just my humble opinions.

Aside from 1. The period of the Exodus and entry into the promised land, and 2. The time of the ministry of Jesus and the Apostles, things generally went the same way they are today. In the old testament period it was often exceedingly rare for someone to hear the voice of God or anything like that. Sometimes going for hundreds of years with no activity. Not to mention this was just going on in Israel.

When facing this question, which lately appeared in different forms here in CAF, I can’t help remembering when Jesus, resurected, appeared to the two disciples in the Road to Emmaus. He was right there, walking by their side, in their table, but they couldn’t recognize Him. They were even thinking that all that happened was in vain after all.

Maybe many of us fancy that God would make a dramatic entrance, in the midst of a thunderstorm. But it was on sharing the bread that the disciples recognized Him.

I believe and feel that God is present in my life. But I wonder if there aren’t subtle ways in which God comes and I don’t recognize Him.

This is a good answer. You are right, we often don’t recognize Him, and partly because we are looking for elaborate and exciting examples of His Presence. It does us good to reflect on our day everyday, and make an effort to see Him in the little things.

For example: Your running late to work and are annoyed, but because of that you avoid a huge accident at an intersection you usually go through on the way there.

Here is two experiences I had when in my 20’s.: I had to have surgery on both of these occasions, so of course my work. Guess what? Both times the store was robbed at gun point, and on one occasion hostages were taken. Lucky me, I was sick enough to be in the hospital, safe and sound.

We really don’t know why a lot of things happen, but we should never assume that they are not part of what God has planned to keep us safe. Even if we are annoyed at the delays, having to wait, not getting the job we think we want etc. God is active all the time. We just need to pay better attention.

I totally understand what your saying about God acting in subtle ways. It just nags at me though, that “subtle ways” is the only answer we have.

About your personal situation, I’m glad that everything went ok for you. I would totally freak out in that situation.

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