God in our dreams?


Hi all. i didnt know where to post this so i am just posting here. Sorry for it being kind of long.

A couple of months ago i was going through a REALLY tough time in my life with MANY things one even being questioning any religion let alone my catholic religion that i was brought up with. So during that time, my catholic faith was not nearly as important to me as it is now.

I had a dream, or nightmare rather, during the worst part of this hard time. In this dream I was in a very comfortable place with nothing else around me except the color blue. I then saw God or what it seemed to be God who was completely surrounded by a really great light. I asked him if i was going to go to heaven. He looked at me and said “Yes you will see heaven, but you will experience or see hell first”. Just then everything turned red and i could remember seeing flames all around me of which i then woke up.

(yes it might sound like any cliche dream of heaven but thats how it went)

This really scared me and still does to this day. Since then i have tried to change and have devoted much more of my life to Jesus and the teachings of the catholic faith including confession, scripture reading and daily prayer. However, this dream still haunts me. I am scared that i am going to be like the rich man in the bible that God sent to hell because of his actions on earth. If i am correct he, saw Moses and Abraham along with Jesus in heaven from his position in hell. Sometimes, i really feel this is what my dream is saying.

Basically i am asking if any of this could mean that i need to something different in my life or am i making something out of nothing? Is it wrong to take it literal? God is infinite in his works why couldn’t he work in our dreams? Any advice?


God has the capacity to work in dreams. I believe St. Nicholas appeared to people in their dreams sometimes Along with other saints.

Two possibilities exist: it was a genuine or, your mind constructed the dream out of worries, day dreams, fear, and memories.

Consider this if god has damned you why would he bother sending you a dream? The light of the holy spirit would have been extinguished in you.

If it is the first then consider it a blessing.

If you have a heavy conscience about something though please see a priest to receive spiritual guidance.

I know a very pious person who thinks that bad dreams might be caused by not having your house blessed. Might be worth a shot. Besides when you invite the priest over you can tell him about your worries.

Sweet Dreams and God Bless!


I personally believe that your dream is was from God, but I don’t think that He was telling you that you’re damned. What I first thought of when reading it was that you will go to Heaven, but you’ll suffer here, endure a sort of hell, before going to Heaven (should you persevere in His ways). It was probably just a forewarning, like when Jesus foretold His death…a preparation, letting you know that suffering is ahead but it will all be worth it. That’s my take on it, anyway. Cling to Him and His Mother and you’ll be fine. God Bless.


I have also thought the same thing, however sometimes it is really hard to get out of my head that there is something that i am not doing that i should do or have done.

As sad as this sounds, (i can hear the sounds of disgust of which i know i deserve) i was unfaithful to my wife and did not/have not told her. As said earlier it was a very rough time for me, my wife and our children. I have confessed to a priest everything that i had done in the past no matter how embarrasing it seemed. I told him (and many other priests) of the adultery and asked whether or not i should tell her and the children. They all said that unless this was to continue, i should not tell her and the guilt or shame I feel is a means to not do it again. They said it would be more selfish to hurt someone more in the end to try to remedy my shameful conscience. I have changed, accepted my cross and have been trying to be the best husband that i can be but i cant help but feel that the only way to the true forgiveness that God asks(or without condemnation), is to tell her.


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