"God is a Woman" New Ariana Grande Album


Ariana Grande, an American pop artist, just released a new album titled “God is a Woman.” The songs in the album proclaim this message and stills from the music video show the same thing. What would ne the Catholic response to something like this or someone who says this is ok? Just wondering your thoughts.


The Catholic response is: no.


God has no gender. He is Spirit not human. God, however, does have a lot of male attributes and did come to Earth as a male (Jesus). Seems an odd distortion to refer to God as a woman.


“Who cares?”

Seriously, don’t pull your hair out when some pop star says something silly. Just let it go.


Not shocking: Ariana Grande is an apostate ex-Catholic who’s into new age Kabbalah crap now.


Technically speaking, Godhas no gender, but we should refer to God as we would a male, because of the father-like part of his nature.


Ariana is a protestant.


It could be a good meditation to consider the feminine aspects of God. Some are even biblical.

“For a long time I [God] have kept silent, I have been quiet and held myself back. But now, like a woman in childbirth, I cry out, I gasp and pant.” (Isa. 42:14)

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I [God] comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.” (Isa. 66:13)

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I [God] will not forget you!” (Isa. 49:15)


Perhaps this might help:



What? Now a #GodToo movement?

What next…


Which woman? Ariadna herself?
She was funny in some of the series she played in but after all she is just at that ego-inflated stage of her career when nothing she says or does should matter really.
Maybe one day she will sing some cool music so let her stick around.


The song is very sexual. Basically the message is “if you sleep with me you’ll find out God is a woman.” As if some madonna wannabe is God, lol. The music video is a lot of o’keefe imagery of vaginas and Ariana bending over seductively

It’s explicitly anti-christian. It’s more new age pagan than anything, which isn’t surprising.


She’s like 23 years old.

Many 23 year olds do silly things, most aren’t famous.


Just ignore it. Celebrities say and do things for shock value and having any response other than no response is just giving them what they want.


Please excuse me. I cut myself on the edge and need to go clean up all this blood.


Actually, I think she was raised Catholic and when the Church would not be supportive of her brother being gay, she left the Church. I think I read something about her being involved in an Eastern religion?
That could have been wrong though…


Ask her why she’s not using God’s preferred pronouns


Kabbalah is what she’s into.


@deMontfort Ah, okay. It’s Sad she left the Church :frowning:


Like I said…she is protestant.

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