God is Eternity

From a theological perspective, it is inappropriate to say that all of creation is God, because then it separates God from being Creator. The Creator can not be the Created.

On the flip side, eternity is not necessarily created, so would it be appropriate to not only say that God is Eternal, but that Eternity IS God?

After reading this commentary on New Advent: Eternity, I would have to say yes. At least, that’s what I believe it says. But, there is a distinction between the absolute Eternity of God, and what we might call “the eternal life of creation”, which can only exist within God. It has a definite beginning, and is subject to time and space. But God is Eternal within Himself, with no beginning and no end; and He is not limited by time or space. He exists everywhere, at all times.

Of course, I’m no theologian, nor would I ever claim to be. If I’m wrong in my reading of the article, then I would ask someone else who is more knowledgeable to, please, correct me.

Thank you for the response -

This is my understanding as well.

God is eternal, completely outside of time and creation, and He doesn’t “exist” in the sense that creation “exists”. Rather, He is existence itself. Fr Robert Barron explained this very well (which is one thing that brought me from a few years of borderline agnosticism back to Christ).


St. Thomas Aquinas in His Summa Theologica I, 10, 2.3a

“**Eternity is nothing else but God Himself. **Hence God is not called eternal, as if He were in any way measured; but the idea of measurement is there taken according to the apprehension of our mind alone” [home.newadvent.org/summa/1010.htm#article2]](http://home.newadvent.org/summa/1010.htm#article2])


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