God is relation?


I’ve heard thrown around a few times in certain Catholic cirlces that “God is relation”. How exactly am I supposed to understand that?



Three persons in relationship = One God


God exists only in relation. If you think of the Trinity, it is a relationship of Love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For man to be in the image and likeness of God means being in relationship, both with God and with others. It involves a giving and receiving of love. Instead of focusing on the term “relation” think of “communion.” Think of total self-gift to the other. That is what God is about and that is what is meant by “God is relation.”


My question is more along the lines of: is it acurate to say that God is the relationship between the Divine Persons while at the same time being thos Divine Persons? Did that just make any sense?!


I don’t see how you could divorce one from the other. It would be like trying to say that the concept of “family” is just the members of the family without the relationship between and among them. I can’t comprehend how that could be done. and yes your question made sense, at least to me.


I once tried to explain God along those lines to a family member (who happens to be an apostate Catholic) and all I got was “Wha…?! What’re you talking about? That makes no sense,” Well, I guess I can understand where they’re coming from because I once too found though whole notion absurd, an “insult to reason”. Then I learned that one must believe to then understand.

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