God is so good, and He has blessed me so much


Hi there,

I want to give my witness of what God can do for a soul that loves Him. I have been literally at war with the devil. I have a friend who is dabbling in the occult and practicing witchcraft. He has yelled at and threatened me for being a Catholic. He told me that I am an idiot for believing in God. I was scared out of my mind, but continued to pray for him. I wanted to give up because it didn't seem like things were working. He refused to go to Christmas Eve Mass with family, and he called me a hypocrite and other terrible things. I found myself crying out in pain. I was under attack as well. I was sinning. It seemed to be out of my control. I didn't know what to do. A little voice in the back of my head told me to keep going. I had encouragement from people on these fourms to keep going.
At the start of this week, I found out he has been talking more about God in a reasonable way without bashing. I prayed even harder for him after that. I went to a one-day retreat yesterday, and I just emptied my heart to God. I poured my soul to Him. Today, I went to Reconciliation. I needed to go, and I thought that would bring me near Him. My prayer parter, a sweet elderly lady, who is praying for me as I make my Confirmation, gave me a huge hug and late Christmas present. All of my family went to Mass with me, and I felt so great. I was singing and crying my eyes out because I felt so loved and so full of grace. Jesus gave me a hug. He picked me up and held me. He put me back on my feet, so I can continue to fight, so my friend can be bought back to Christ.

To make thing even more great, my teacher chose me for the Diocese Leadership Award, school is canceled tomorrow, and tomorrow is my birthday! I feel so incredibly blessed. And I pray that God will touch you like He has touched me.



Aw, how sweet! God is great indeed. I, too, have felt as though God is somewhat pleased with me. He knows I like to try my best, but sometimes I can't. Sometimes when I go to Mass, I can feel like he's saying "Thanks for being here, I love you." It's just so heart-warming and you just want to get up and shout "I LOVE YOU TOO!" Lol. Maybe that's just me, but...

Anyways, I am so glad everything is going well for you and I continue to hope it does.

God Bless You.


What a great birthday present! It’s so good to hear and share what God is doing in our lives.


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