God is truly the Savior and be praised forever and ever


God saved me from death when I had an accident because when I was unconscious and almost died due to the accident my brothers and sisters of the Charismatic movement had plead from God to save me from death and God is truly the savior and like Lazarus I was saved from death. God is love and mercy. Thank you Oh God for you have saved me from death. You are the Truth and faithful, you fulfill your Holy words. Thank you for giving me neighbors who are generous, loving and helpful, have mercy on them Oh God grant them their prayers and help them in their lives. You are Almighty Oh God, Holy and King of Mercy. Jesus, Almighty God, King of Mercy we trust in you. Glory to you Oh God forever and ever. Amen.


Gloria Dei!


Praise to Lord Jesus Christ from all the mountain tops!


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