God knows I try, but I cannot put up with this for another day!


Most of you know by now, thanks to my many complaints on these boards, that the Catholic schools here in Canada are a disgrace. I tried to come to school today with a positive attitude. And after today I’m not going to take a positive attitude on this anymore.

Morning prayers were over simplified like always, but today (9/11 of all days) our female chaplain added her own political thoughts to the prayers asking God to bring back Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan where they are not serving His plans.

World Issues class turned out anti-Catholic again. Talking about the cultures of the world, the teacher got into Islam and said that many people today are finding peace in Islam- which is really a peaceful religion (I read the Koran- it aint too peacefull) and it is the Christian West which causes the problems in the Middle East. A classmate gave me her opinion that we must write letters to the Diocese asking for the Bishop to cut ties with the Pope, since the Holy Father has turned into a monster by not allowing gay marriage (a major story in saturday’s newspaper). My teacher also gave some demographic information showing that within a few generations Christianity will be a dead religion- that didnt help my positive approach to the day.

In English class we wrote short stories. A girl in the class wrote an erotic story about Christ and Mary Magdalene. The teacher sent her to the office, but the mere face that she would write that :mad:

In Religion Class we were visited by a priest, the guys at the back of the class asked him humiliating questions trying to be smart, and then the liberal contigent yelled at him (and I mean yelled!) for the Church’s stance on gay marriage and abortion.

I’m sorry if I sound whiney. I’m sorry if I complain too much, but I cannot take it anymore! In the 1950s my grandfather brought his family to daily Mass and prayed the rosary with them every night, just like his father did. Nobody back then would have dreamed of disrespecting the priest or criticizing the Church. Nobody would have even dared to disrespect Christ. Nobody cares about the Church anymore. Nobody cares about Christ. The school Mass is a social time, if you bother going. God is dead in my school. I wouldnt even hesitate to guess that maybe as much as 40% of the student body hold no religious beliefs at all. Where is God in all of this?

And I try to look at this in a positively? I cant anymore. I pray to God that I could have been born in a differant century, when people did care about Christ and the Church. I’m just sick of it.


I’m sure God is much consoled by your distress at Him being so terribly disrespected in a Catholic school! In your situation I would make sure that I go to Mass whenever I have the opportunity, and possibly offer my Holy Communions for the school, teachers, administrators, students, and parents, not to mention the poor priests and religious who are also stuck there. When you first get to class, say the prayer to St. Michael and ask God to fill the classroom with His holy angels to fight off any evil influences.

You’re in a spiritual war zone at that school! God wants you right there, right now for a reason. He needs *you *to fight back with prayer and good example to the others. You’re definitely on a mission :slight_smile:


You don’t sound whiney at all - you sound like someone who loves his faith, and rightly so :slight_smile: Think of it all as our modern-day persecution - something like being put to the lions in old Roman times.

And picture St Paul going through exactly the same thing you’ve seen … the fact is with 2000 years of tradition and teaching behind us you and the Church are better off than he was.

I’ll pray for some peace of mind for you and for a better situation in Canada and every country that needs it. :gopray2:


Caesar, I am heartbroken for your school and distressed for you. Any chance you could go to a public school, where you could have your faith spat upon without having to pay money for the privilege?

Was that priest an orthodox guy? I think you should contact him. He’s probably not feeling so great about what happened either – even though I’m sure he has learned to handle himself. Nevertheless, it can’t be anybody’s favorite sport to have a bunch of insolent teenagers assault you without having the teacher step in and control the mob.


Caesar, I am heartbroken for your school and distressed for you. Any chance you could go to a public school, where you could have your faith spat upon without having to pay money for the privilege?

Dont have to pay for it. Catholic schools here are state-funded- thats why the Church cant touch them.


Unbelievable. Absolutely drop-dead unbelievable. How much did they get for selling out to the state? I hope it was more than 30 pieces of silver.


Actualy, the Catholic School Board is entrenched in the Constitution.

Back in the 1800s, Catholics were a minority in Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario) and complained about the Protestant influence in the schools. The Protestant minority in Lower Canada (now Quebec) complained about the Catholic influence in the schools. So the government created two school boards- the Catholic board and the Protestant board, both of which were placed in the Constitution. The Protestant schools gradualy secularized and became the Public Schools. The Catholic schools first recieved full funding in the 1960s.


Once you take government money, there are strings attached.

Is there anyone at school you can relate to? Are you the only faithful Catholic? —KCT


My math teacher from last year is pretty orthodox.

The entire religion department is liberal though- the teacher who says “God, He or She”; the teacher who gets many theological concepts backwards; and the teacher who ranted about Benedict XVI for a week when he was elected Pope.


When the Cure of Ars came to his parish, he was greatly dismayed by the lack of faithful Catholics. He had only a handful of parishioners in the whole town. He resolved to pray and fast for the town. It became a spiritual fountain for the whole country of France.

pray and fast.

Hold on to the gifts you received in Confirmation.

I’ll be praying for you.

I hope you will be able to go to a really good Catholic University when the time comes.


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