"God loves you" can't be a source of comfort

Bob is in Hell.
God loves Bob and just wishes he did the right thing to be welcomed into Heaven.

Bill is on Earth.
He is told, “God loves you”.
Bill replies: “I seek comfort in acceptance into Heaven as opposed to eternal hellfire.”
Bill says again: “I am still thankful the statement “God loves you” isn’t negated, yet I see no comfort in it”.

Bob and Bill are hypotheticals.

How I should have phrased it all along:

Catholicism: You end up in Hell or you end up in Heaven. Nothing else matters. God loves you, but why does it matter? God’s loves the Saint and the Sinner, thus it does not impact Heaven entrance. If it does not impact Heaven entrance, why should we care?

Sounds just like a hypothetical What If? speculative scenario - intended to somehow say something?

Yes. Let it be known that I still firmly stand by the statement that God Loves people.

The entire title of the thread is the thing I said in the hypothetical.

You lost me. What is this intended to convey?


Like St Augustine said, eternal life is the supreme good. God loves us so he gave us a way to reach that supreme good. It is comforting.


The Love of God is no source of comfort to the damned even though it still exists. It is rational to believe large quantities of people are going to hell. To believe with certainty that someone else (not me and my Family) is going to hell is dangerous. Trying to comfort Catholics with calming songs about the reckless love of God is not beneficial since God’s Love only feels good if you get to Heaven.

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What does this even mean?


Exactly… And perhaps I’m wrong

However … Even the very OP Header … " [“God loves you” can’t be a source of comfort]
doesn’t sound like anything which a Christian would ever raise, say or wonder…


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This reminds me of that one song that goes a little bit like this:

Oh the overwhelming, neverending, reckless love of God
Oh, it chases me down, fights til I’m found, leaves the ninety nine
I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, yet you still give Yourself away

That and, “O Woe is Me”

Well, for starters, God does not wish anything. God is outside of time, so all things are present to God.

And as to comfort, many people have reported being comforted by God’s love, here and now, so that directly contradicts the title.

Further, those in hell seek hell; they choose to reject love; they choose to not be “comforted”.

One only has to look at the “black sheep” of a family - and likely most of us have had experience of one - to know that individuals can reject family, friends, and etc,. here and now; it is not that they cannot be comforted; it is that they choose to not be.

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Yes… He Wills Things…


I really like the ‘God does not wish anything’ point. Also, sometimes the family is the black sheep and the black sheep is the white sheep. Just saying.

Mask off, here it goes: SLS and SEEK conferences sing Reckless Love. Lets assume that most of the conference, as well as most of the world, goes to hell. That song Reckless Love means nothing as the love of God can not comfort someone who will experience the fires of hell.

Ok, well I don’t know the song, so none of what you are saying makes any sense to me, so I will bow out of this thread I think.

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If the statement conforms to reality we must accept it. I propose questions to the things few have thought to question.

Sally is in hell. Do statements about the love of God comfort her? Sally is on Earth and knows most people are probably going to hell.
God’s love is not a shield against hellfire and all of Catholicism (that matters) is about Heaven or Hell.

I’m confused. Where is Sally?


Situation 1: Sally is one of us on Earth. Statements about love do not eliminate the fear that most of humanity is going to hell.

Situation 2: Sally is in hell. Statements about God’s love do not eliminate the pain of hell.

Because some people do find comfort in God’s love. Some people accept it. Isn’t that enough for the Church to care?

We tell them God loves them while they live so they will love him back, not to comfort them for being damned.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who, whole alive doesn’t take comfort in being loved. We tell them about God’s love while they are alive*.

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