"God Made the World" preschool religion curriculum... anyone know anything?


Hi! Our son is starting preschool, and the teacher uses this for religion, from Loyola University Press. We looked through it a bit at school, but haven’t been able to find any reviews online. Wondering if anyone had any more information about it? Like is it: good? bad? not great, but harmless?



check it out at loyolapress.com, it is part of the Christ Our Life series, and is fine for a kinder text, has lots of supplemental activities and cutouts in the back. we use it in our ore-k, and kinder class. bear in mind kinder and pre-k is the time to begin getting used to formal religious instruction in small doses, and don’t expect it to cover material suitable for older ages. they have a pre-school (4 yr old) which is mostly made up of pages which are cut out and used to make dioramas, pictures and other illustrations of the very simple lessons.


Thanks puzzleannie! I admit, I had you at the back of my mind when I was posting this thread… :slight_smile: thought I remembered your extensive catechetical background. I’ll go to loyolapress and see if I can find more… sounds like it will be ok, though.



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