God needs you're gift

hello I’m 32 haven’t always been the most religious person cant remember the last time i went to church that wasn’t a funeral. back in 2006 God proved his existence to me and through me to my family. amongst other contacts i would even take a lie detector test. but i will not bore You guys with the details.

whats important here is the message from God and that we spread the news of what he needs.

with all this talk in the bible of the end of the world stuff and the anti-Christ that will trick people.

God needs us to give him our free will back. if you give God back you’re free will i promise he won’t take it until He needs it.

thank you for you’re time

Thanks for your message. You’re right, and I have to admit I’ve been dragging my feet in at least one major area.

All the best as you walk your own path.

I tried to give up my free will, but I really wasn’t able to until God took it “a hard way.”

Took 11 years to get from where I knew I had to (starting in 2001) and much disaster both real and imagined.

But now He has my will and I don’t and you know what? Most of the time it turns out I don’t really need it. Now that my mind/ego has been reduced to nothing and restored anew, I find my “peripheral” thinking is almost always enough to guide me at any given moment – which is like having freedom and the security of not having to choose, all at the same time. Now I feel peace, joy, contentment, and all other sorts of stuff – and God hasn’t taken away my desire to do anything I like, and let’s me do it when I will.

It’s almost like a reverse will. I feel moved to do things, then when I see them and like what I do, I figure that’s what my will must have been – or if not mine, God’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


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