God or the Girl?


Withouth spoiling the ending of the show (I’m on episode 4 of 5 on a burned DVD from a friend)

Has anyone besides me watched the A&E series (from 2006) called God or the Girl? I am watching it with my mom and sisters and I love being able to experience the vocatioanl journey these four young men went through.

Does anyone know what happend to the four young men after the show ended? I have a familiy friend who knows Steve - so I can ask him what Steve did after the show ended, but I would really like to know! :slight_smile:


Never heard of it…am interested now though! I want to see it too.


I loved that show! I watched the series when it first aired.
However I don’t even remember their names, so suffice to say I don’t know anything else after it ended. An update would be interesting. Wish they had some sort of follow up. :slight_smile:


A friend of mine knows one of the guys and he is married I think. Do not remember which one, but it may be this one:



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