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Hi, Your thoughts: I attended a baptism in a beautiful old Catholic Church in Manhattan and one of the two God Parents was a Gay woman. We talked earlier before the baptism and she mentioned that she was going to take the “plunge” and get married to her lesbian partner in the near future. I’m sure not in a Catholic Church but somewhere. I was very disheartened that the priest and my family allowed this in what should have been a joyfull occasion. Please respond, was this correct that a baptism in a Catholic Church would allow this.


What makes you think that the priest knew this?


Yes, the priest or even some of the family members were even aware of the “Godmothers” lifestyle let alone intentions. And if they were, how sad and shameful for the Church. But, you have to wonder where people are in their minds and spirituality when they they knowingly violate clear Church teaching. Now this person is expected to pass on the faith to this child when she has no or little respect for it. What a farce. We are so idolatrous … worshiping the god of self.


Godparents are to be in communion with the Church and living in a same sex relationship would violate this.
Since only one Godparent is requred, perhaps she was a Christian witness.


Thanks for the replies, To answer my 3 repliers, I can’t be sure that the Priest knew that the Godmother was Gay. She did bring he partner with her and her appearence was the typical short hair and manly wardrobe. The entire family was well aware of this I’m sorry to say, especially my cousin who has a PHD in theology and works at Catholic Univeristy in NY.

I’ve never heard a a Christian Witness at a Catholic Baptism. Maybe this was the case. Would this be accepted in a Catholic Baptism ?


Often it is difficult to find a single God parents that is Catholic in good standing with he church, but we always have one even if a proxy. Couple often want others there that are not Catholic or not in good standing , so yes we allow them to participate as Christian witnesses.

Deacon Frank


Thanks Deacon, I’ll leave it at that


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