God, Pizza and free will

A question I’ve always wondered about.

God and I are having lunch at a local deli. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if I wanted steak for dinner or to just have a pizza delivered.

God says you are going to have pizza.

Can I use my free will to order a steak even though God has said I was going to order a pizza?

Stupid scenario since it would NEVER happen. But I see the question behind it, is “predestination” true so-to-speak…unfortunately, I am not well-versed in that area and cannot answer you. Sorry :frowning:

No logical problem here. Given that choice, I will ALWAYS pick pizza. No mystery there! :cool:

I don’t have the answer to your question just yet, but in front of the right pizza, I loose my free will in an instant. I’m a sucker for pepperoni and fresh peppers. Or maybe the one with all those olives on it? Oh God, please help me! There is a pizza shop not two blocks from me and they have this really yummy white pizza with green olives and finely minced garlic…Is there such a place as Pizzaholics Anonymous? I might be powerless over pepperoni and my lunchtime excursions to the Pizza Hut are unmanageable. Oh my!

:pizza: :heart: :yup:


P.S. Did you say you want steak? They have pizza steaks ya know.

Must be predestination. God determined long ago that I would ALWAYS choose pizza!

God knows that you will choose pizza. :smiley:

You may try to order a steak, but something will come up that pizza would be the only thing you can order, or would want to order. If God says you are going to have a pizza, then you are going to have a pizza, regardless of how you think. His thoughts are above ours. Neither is God a liar. You have the free will to think you will have the steak, but what God says is so.

Now we know why the Vatican is in Italy!


The real question is: What happens when Jesus shows up and demands anchovies?

Either way, I would make sure to order the bread sticks - They are unlimited! (see what I did there? Multiplying the loaves? Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.)


That explains my preference for pizza.

Free will is free will. Order the steak or the hot apple turnover; just be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

Maybe it’s Friday, and maybe pizza is the only non-meat option, and God knows as a faithful Catholic you wouldn’t break the Friday abstinence?

Don’t put God to the test. :tsktsk:

If you were going to order steak would have said " you’re ordering steak"

The confusion with your question is that you and I live in a linear timeline whereas God exists outside of time.

In the example above, God does not say what you are going to order. God looks into the future and sees what you did order. You ordered pizza. No matter what you may think at the time you are talking to God, you will order pizza because you have already done it.

Since God sees all of time at one instant He sees all of the choices you have made, are making and will make. This in no way limits your free will but unless you are an omnipotent being also existing out of time then God will always know what you have done.

And then he took the slice broke off the pepperonis and said, Father why have you forsaken me when you know I only eat cheese pizza.

You can, but you won’t. If God foreknows that you will choose X, you always can choose Y, but won’t.

It’s definitely a Friday. You only need to consult Pie-lippians 4:7.

“And the pizza of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ cheeses.”


If I could see the future, and see what lottery numbers will be selected, my foreknowledge would not CAUSE the numbers to be selected. I merely saw what would eventually happen, through no influence of my own.

Nothing I did could affect the outcome of the lottery. Knowing the winning numbers does not enable me to change those numbers to my own personal preferences, unless I did something to tamper with the outcome. God could tamper with our decisions (much more easily than I could tamper with the lottery), but he does not do so. That’s what “freewill” means.

But what if the person sharing lunch with God decides beforehand to choose something different to whatever God says they will choose? Would God know that and say “You’re going to choose something different to whatever I say you’re going to have.”?

I think the question by the original poster gets to the heart of the nature of time and the concept of predestination. If we truly have free will, then the future cannot be predestined, and so perhaps God could not ‘know’ what we are going to choose.

Or perhaps God does ‘know’ all of the ‘free will’ choices that we’re going to make. But if, as in the suggested scenario, God provides any knowledge of future events to us in the present, then it messes things up.

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