God, Pizza and free will

That may be why God does not offer us specific information about our future. God is not some Madam Zelda, Fortune Teller.

Complete freewill means God does not compel us to ANY decision, one way or another. If God told me that I would order pizza, the LAST THING I would want to do is order steak, just to thwart him (and, besides, I prefer pizza anyway). But, someone else might have other intentions, and order steak, even though he would prefer pizza, just to thwart God.

Either way, God has influenced our will. In one instance, his will is deliberately obeyed (even though it might be agreeable), and in the other instance, his will is disobeyed (even though obedience would be agreeable).

We KNOW what God’s will is when faced with a decision to sin, or not to sin. God knows what we will decide, but he does not compel or determine our decision.

If you were going to change your mind and order steak or if you would get in an accident and miss dinner, God would have known that. Sorry, you can’t fool God, you can only fool yourself.

Okay, all jokes aside, here is my real answer:

If pizza consumption was required by God, (think Precepts of the Church or vowed Religious life, etc.) then it would be a serious sin to order steak. If one actually ate the steak after ordering, one would be no longer in a state of grace and would need to confess as soon as possible to it. If one was only tempted to eat the steak and complained to God about the pizza, one would still be in a state of grace, but ones attitude would need a little work. If one ordered steak as an affront to God at His own table during lunch, one would not only be mad but would be risking ones eternal salvation and may never return to the lunch table with Jesus again because defiance can and does lead to very tragic places. If on the other hand, one actually ate the pizza God offered and thanked Him for it, then one would be humble and obedient and actually working on one’s own sanctification. This is the way to go. Then perhaps at a later lunch, one may find one’s heart set on whatever God orders on the pizza and greatly looking forward to the Heavenly banquet where there will be much more than pizza with anchovies and black olives and feta.


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