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I saw a closed thread here about the end times and Jewish tradition. I asked my priest about it and he said, among other things, “it’s not something God revealed.”
What does that mean?

Not knowing what the Jewish tradition is you are referring to, but Christ was quoted as saying to his disciples that “the end of time (end of the world) is known only to the Father.” - (not quite verbatim, but close). Might this be what your priest was referring to?


Maybe. What I want to know is what it means when God reveals something? Like does it mean Scripture or something else?

God’s revelations are things He’s made directly known, either through His own personal intervention (primarily in the OT, such as with the 10 Commandments), through His Son, Jesus, during His Earthly ministry, or through His Church.

Scripture is God’s revelation, as is the Tradition of the Church. (Technically, Scripture itself is a Tradition of the Church).

Scripture, of course, but also Sacred Tradition and the constant teaching of the church established on Peter. Private revelation is something else and unless it is given approval by Rome, be cautious…

Some ask, why doesn’t God reveal an answer to a given problem or situation. I heard a very good answer in that He has already done so through Scripture, it is the light of God’s law and His Church is the lens through which that light is handed on to all of us…His participation in His Church through the action of the Holy Spirit is constant. It does however require the faith and patience of us, the laity.

As to Church approval, understand that it is a somewhat negative concept, at least when it comes to private revelation (Fatima, Lourdes, etc). When an occurrence of private revelation is brought to light, the Vatican charges the local bishop to investigate. Upon completion, the Vatican will issue a ruling that since nothing was found to be contrary to the “deposit of faith”, devotion, acceptance, etc. by the faithful is permissible, however not mandatory. I (you) are free to believe or not, to have devotion or not. What we as Catholics are required to believe is stated in Mass when we as a community recite the Creed, prior to the Offertory of the Mass.

Just my two cents.



God has NOT revealed when the end of days will be.

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