“God says things without saying things and so should we”


I’m looking at our forum prayer requests and one or more that drew the most prayers was for POTUS Donald Trump.

As our President, people say he speaks candidly and from his mind. But, in society we don’t usually exercise our first amendment rights. We have this idea that the way to live is to

“Say things without saying things”

And some people think God condemns people around them by “saying things without saying things.” Lacing everything with some kind of encryption to not say what we mean and mean what we say, it’s a guessing game everyone is playing every single day!

The funny thing is, when people say things without saying things it usually 9 times out of 10 has a negative undertone rather than a good one.

Pardon my education level, but in colleges, we are to keep everything as open discussion to learn. Why are we behaving so ignorantly and why do we think we can say it’s because “that’s what God does and we were made in his image!”

His fault? To me NO. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

1 prayer for Trump added in this post.


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