God speaks in the circumstances of our lives. What is he trying to tell me?

Hi there! First time poster here.

I’ve recently encountered a pattern of events that is too many coincidences to be a coincidence, and I can only interpret as a sign from God.

For context, I was in a “relationship” with a girl that fell apart before it even began because I was expecting more of her than she was willing to give. I was obviously broken up about it, but I’ve (mostly) gotten past it and on the advice of my spiritual director, I’ve been seeing a professional counselor through my college to get at the underlying issues that caused me to act this way and ruin what I think could have been a good and Godly relationship. I’ve also been praying to God for reconciliation and a second chance to be with this girl, and I have reached out to apologize for acting the way I did. What happens next is in the hands of the Father.

Anyway, for the past 6-7 weeks. Her name (I’ll call her “Auburn”) has been appearing in my everyday life in oddly coincidental ways. It’ll be a random person in the comments on Twitter, a random person I encounter on social media, a character in a TV show, an Actress in a movie I’m watching, a book sitting in the corner of my bookshelf, a song in a playlist. It was the name of a slot machine I encountered once. These events have happened at least once a day, almost every day, for weeks. Her real name is not common, so it does stand out. I don’t really believe in coincidences, but even then, it’s too many coincidences to be a coincidence. I honestly believe God is trying to tell me something by placing her name in the circumstances of my life.
I believe it is an answer to my prayer, or an affirmation of an answer He’s already given me, but I don’t know. What is God trying to say? Has something like this happened to anyone? Is there a place in Scripture or Tradition I can go to get some perspective?

Honestly, I think those are just coincidences which look significant to you because of your strong connection to that girl not because God speaks you through this. Nothing less or more than that.


Or it could be a case of Baader - Meinhof Phenomenon, a type of frequency illusion.

If God were here he’d tell you to quit being so hung up on this girl and move on with your life.
She’s not the last girl on earth and if God wants you and her to get back together, he’ll put her back in your life, if not there are other girls and/or other tasks God wants you to do.

Seeing her name all over the place is just your wishful thinking. It’s likely her name has been all over the place for years but you just didn’t notice it until now when you’re looking for it.

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Yes! This and wishful thinking = faux coincidence.

Whenever I have bought a new car: I hadn’t realized how many just like mine there are. I start spotting them everywhere.
It may not be very romantic but it happens.
This is not to say that it is what is going on with you. I don t know


Practice makes it easier

This happens all the time to special people. I’ve seen it as a plot line for a TV show also.
Just keep a journal and record the time and events . And see if they slowly fade away

I believe, like you said, God speaks in the circumstance of our lives. You & Auburn are not together. It is what it is.

If God wants you & Auburn back together, you’d be back together. You’ve already extended an Olive branch out to her. Ball is in her court.

But remember, she has free will & Our Lord will never force her to do anything against her will. Best we can do is ask for the strength to move on.

As far as these coincidences, don’t forget we are in a spiritual battle, every day of our lives. So it may very well be an evil spirit looking to ruin your soul.

So we should pray often. Mass is the most powerful. Liturgy of the Hours next. Then I prefer the Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Chaplet of St Michael…

Participate frequently in the sacraments; Eucharist & Reconciliation (renews your baptism)

Dive deep into the Church.

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