God, thanks for my vacation to Cancun


After some thought and prayer about my vacation (as posted in another thread). I have come to these conclusions.

As I stated before, I recently took a vacation to Cancun. I meet a girl and her mother. We took the same plan, the same bus, and her room was right across from mine. At that moment I knew that something strange was going on here. (Yes I just went alone to relax and get away from stress)

After hanging around them for a day I got to know the girl and her mother. I realized that she was always very embarrassed about her mother. Her mother tends to talk to everyone and tell them everything. . I also noted that they did not get a long. Her daughter was everything that her mother was not (educated, financially stable, and very pampered). Her mother was very proud of her daughter and spoke highly of her to me. Sadly her daughter was always disappointed with her mother.

I realized that her daughter knew how to pull her mothers strings and place straws on her back. It was also clear that her mother never showed appreciation for her daughter and resented her accomplishments (jealousy perhaps?)

One night while I was out with them, the girl pulled a string (without realizing it) and her mother told her daughter to (f-uck off) right in front of me. Her daughter was very insulted by this and found it to be a slap in the face for all the nice things she did for her mother out of love (the trip included)

When we returned to the hotel they were not speaking to each other. They totally avoided each other.

I spent time with the girl first because she wanted to spend time with me. I have to admit that I hated the fact that they were fighting because I was very interested in her. I wanted to get to know her more. So I tried just that and I even consoled her a number of times. At first it was easy, but the more I got to know her, the more I liked her and the harder it was for me to just listen. The more I realized that she experienced some of the same things that I did with my family. She cried and told me much that opened my heart to her. (Yes, I wanted to tell her to shut up and just kiss her)

After resisting my feelings for the girl as best I could I thought it would be best to leave them alone for a bit in hopes that they would make up.

Well that never happened they continued to fight and I could see her mother crying alone. I felt bad for her and felt bad for the girl who was just trying to relax and do something nice for her mother (her vacation was up in smoke)

One night a few of the guys at the resort tried to get me to go out and party with them to Cancun. They tried to use me to get the girl to come along, but she was tired and upset from fighting with her mother. I told them that she was not that kind of girl. They didn’t accept this and they had the nerve to call her room. At that moment, I could sense the devil in these people. I could see right through them and they were filled with nothing but wickedness. After they failed to get her to come, they started to put pressure on me to come with them. After a bit of thought, I declined their offer and stayed behind. I chose to stay and have a chat with her mother.



I looked around and found her sitting by herself. When I sat down with her she was happy and was glad that she finally had a chance to tell me her side of the story.

She did just that and I and listened to her. I discovered that she had some problems with her mental health. This struck me to be strange because I could relate to her - my mother was the same way. She told me everything she could about her relationship with her daughter. I tried my best to explain to her how important it is to forgive each other. I did it without any mention of Christ. I told her that her heart does not have to wait for her daughter’s heart. I also told her about the concept of unconditional love. Strangely she was convinced that it was only something a Dog could have. I rebuked that notion and she cried again when she heard the truth. Then she started to talk about her daughter and about her relationship with her boyfriend. I was shocked to learn that her daughter was Catholic (just became one in April). I felt good at that point and took it as a sign from God that I could now show her how much I believed in Christ. I did just that and she was happy. She went back to her room in peace.

They still fought for a couple of days, but events changed toward the end of the week. They started to get a long more and spend more time with each other. I noticed this and was happy for them.

On the last day just before we all left the resort for the airport, I sat on a chair waiting for the bus. The mother come up to me and sat beside me. She told me that she thanked her daughter and told her that she was sorry. She started to cry again and I told her that she did good. I told her that I was happy she was getting along with her daughter. I told her that this trip is really going to mend their relationship. I was very happy about this.

We left on the same bus and the same plane. On the plane we all had separate seats. Her mother wanted to sit beside her daughter on the plane but could not. She was upset about this. So I have her my last $4 out of my wallet so that she could buy a drink.

When we landed and passed customs, her mother was prevented from passing the border for a residency reason. I waited with the daughter for her mother because I wanted to say goodbye to both of them. Her daughter laughed and said that her mother was most likely getting really mad and upset at them and creating a big scene. I laughed with her because there was a hint of acceptance in her laugh.

It was only 5 minutes later and the mother came through the gate. Her mother said that she was let through the gate. They let her go and told her, “go see your daughter”.

I hugged them both and left them for my taxi.

Oh well, it wasn’t much of a vacation but at least some good game of it. I even burnt my feet on the second day there.

I just hope that God does not do this again to me. I had a hard time resisting my feelings for this girl and it was painful. Even walking with them with my burnt and swollen feet wasn’t very pleasant (I didn’t show how much it hurt though).

I tried my best to do Gods work and ignored my personal feelings for her. Strangely it was my personal feelings for her that allowed me to do the work of God. Sadly, I may not of bothered with them at all had I not found the girl to be attractive.

I should tell you that there are a lot of other little things that happened that week that I found strange. Every time I felt sad I saw a crucifix someplace. If I think of more I will post them.


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