God the Father co-equal?

Dear all,

I understand Jesus prays to God as father in the garden. Here is is truly man, praying as God-made-man to God the Father.

Second, the Holy Spirit is the spouse of Mary. This sounds a silly question, but wha is the relationship to Jesus here? I.e is Jesus the son of the Holy Spirit, or Son of God since the Holy Spirit is fully God, too?

God ‘sends’ his Holy Spirit. I assume this isn’t a command, as God the Father is equal? Or is Godnthe Father in any way ‘higher’ as God the Father is creator.

Could we say Jesus existed in Genesis?

I do find it hard to coherently propose the doctrine of the Trinity to others.

Thanks in advance.

All three are equally God.

The Holy Spirit is sent out of the love between the Father and the Son, which is how he proceeds from the Father and the Son. But the Holy Spirit is not any lower than God the Father or God the Son, and I don’t think Jesus is the son of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus did exist in Genesis. He is the Word.

[quote=John 1:1-2]In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.

2 He was in the beginning with God.

Hope that helps a little bit. That is how it was explained to me, if I’m wrong and someone else who knows more on here about the relationship of the Trinity can explain it better, please do.

No need - you nailed it!

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